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Pegg, Frost & ALIENS?

When I first heard the details of the forthcoming Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy, Paul, I was a bit worried.

Despite assuaging my original fears about the Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz duo doing a movie without Edgar Frost (who is busy doing Scott Pilgrim), by hiring Superbad‘s Greg Mattolla to helm the flick, I have to admit, the premise of “two British nerds go to comic-con” sounded a bit half baked.

Man, oh man, was I wrong.  As now…they leave comic-con…and go to AREA 51!  Where they meet the titular alien, Paul.

Sure, the idea sounds a bit clunky, but considering how well they handled combining romantic comedy and horror, and British mystery films with John Woo action, I think Pegg and Frost are the perfect team to make the bastard child of Mallrats and Mac ‘n Me.

Don’t let me down, gang!

Original Post: Details Revealed: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Road Trip comedy Paul | /Film

Who’s Ready For A CG Oz?

I know I’ve been one to dispise remakes on here, but it’s not so much me hating the idea of retelling an existing tale (for example, one of my favorite movies ever is the Clooney remake of Ocean’s 11), but rather how poorly and haphazardly they’re created, with little to no care of the original material.

So it was with great trepedation I peered upon these designs for the forthcoming CG version of The Wizard of Oz.  Say what you will of the 30’s original, but it really didn’t touch the darkness and sadness of the Baum novels.

This CG version?  Might have what it takes.  I already really like the forlorn Tin Man, seen above.

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Monopoly…THE MOVIE.

Yeah, this one is definitely from the WTF file.

The story below is no lie.

Ridley Scott, the amazing innovative director who brought us such groundbreaking films as Blade Runner, Alien and Gladiator will be doing a film adaptation of Monopoly.  The board game.

Look, I know that personally, when I play Monopoly, the game can drag on for hours, in epic nature, but this does NOT equate to a fine moviegoing experience, Hollywood!

Honestly, is anyone chomping at the bit for a live action adaptation featuring the wacky adventures of Uncle Pennybags and his friends the dog, the thimble and a god damned boot?

Hollywood: listen up, if you’re reading.  There are young, vibrant screenwriters that just bus into your city EVERY DAY hoping to make it big.  Hell, there are old ones too.  And great writers who we haven’t heard from in years.  IS IT THAT HARD TO GREENLIGHT AN ORIGINAL FUCKING IDEA INSTEAD OF A MOVIE BASED ON A GOD DAMNED BOARD GAME?


Original Post: Worst Idea Ever: Ridley Scott is Directing Monopoly | /Film

Props To My Homie!

Hey, you guys know Ghostfreehood, right?

My artistic co-hort, my hetro-life-mate.  He who I’ve been conquering the world of webcomics with, on such titles as Dead of Summer and the newly launched Art Fight High School?

Yeah. That guy.

Anyway, today, he is more than my friend, business partner and ally.

As today…he is a winner!

Winner of the Aquabats Hooray For Poster Contests Contest that is!

That’s right, thanks to that awesome poster above, with the well drawn visages of MC Bat Commander, Prez Barry O, and the cutiest damn cat with two heads ever, his art will be featured prominently at the Aquabats’ show coming up on November 17th.  Which also features a certain charm city based keyboard pop band I’m friends with too…

How cool is that?

Congrats, amigo.