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“How’d You Get That?” “Bit My Cheek…”

Of all the heroes getting movies, I never expected this one.

The above photo, featuring Thomas Jane under heavy makeup, is apparently the first effects test for a future Jonah Hex film.

Jonah Hex, for those not familiar, is a western anti-hero from DC Comics, most popular in the 70’s, who had a brief revival under the mature-themed Vertigo line in the 90’s. He’s best known for his handful of appearances in the animated DC universe, appearing in both Batman: The Animated Series and the Justice League toon.

According to Blog@Newsarama, where I got the image, the flick is to be helmed by the creators of Crank, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.  They certainly have gone straight to the fanboys, grabbing Thomas Jane, who grabbed the nerd love in The Punisher (which, admittingly, I’ve never seen) and then gained further notoriety in The Mist.

I am left wondering, however, why Hex? I suppose if anything Iron Man has shown that audiences can gravitate to a comic character who is less known in the public eye, so long as there’s a solid story and a draw to the film.  But really….Jonah Hex before The Flash? Before Green Lantern? How odd.


The Dark Side Wants Your Economic Stimulus Package

As part of seemingly a continued series here, I find myself jealous of the Legos now being created for kids (and collectors) these days.

Today’s amazing Lego set is an actual set for purchase(!) and not just a custom design by a dedicated/insane builder. I give you The Lego Death Star.

That’s right, the verifiable crown jewel in the Lego Star Wars lineup is finally being created, with 21 mini figures that encompass the entire trilogy (a nice touch), all sorts of rooms (check out the garbage chute!), and even Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter.

Normally, this is where I’d complain about how this sort of thing should’ve been available when I was a kid, but with this price tag, I can’t say for sure that I’d even have it then. According to internet rumor (as these pics were leaked, and the entry removed from, the set will sell for $399.99.

Oh Lego, how you capture the imagination and the wallet at the same time, I may never know.

EDIT: 3,803 PIECES!!!

I Never Thought I’d Pray For Nutty Professor 3…

I’m sure by now, you’ve been masochistic enough to sit through a trailer for this summer’s Eddie Murphy abortion shitfest crap-in-a-sack film Meet Dave.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the plot in a nutshell…

A group of tiny aliens, lead by one played by Eddie Murphy, pilot a human body replica….that looks like Eddie Murphy.

Yes, Eddie Murphy piloting Eddie Murphy.

And if that wasn’t enough to sell you, 20th Century Fox is staging a promotional stunt of a lifetime…


Seriously, look at that thing!

The giant head of the fallen comedic star will be spreading it’s hate across America, before arriving in Times Square. Where it will be presumably be beaten by hispanic children, which mistake it as a pinata.

Seriously, Eddie…couldn’t you have called it a career after Norbit?

Thanks to Onion’s AV Club for insuring future nightmares.

Astro Boy’s Got Some Pipes On Him!

Wow, I guess the long dormant Astro Boy movie is further along than I anticipated.

IMAGI Studios (they who did the pretty-but-dumb TMNT movie last year) announced the official voice cast for Astro Boy, which is apparently ready for release next year.

Wow, I had no idea. I thought it was still stuck in development hell over at Sony.

Anywho, the voice cast includes Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy, along with Freddie Highmore voicing the celestial robot child.

I do wonder…after the failure of Speed Racer, does Astro Boy stand a chance?

Thanks to Blog@Newsarama for the details.

Half Dead, Completely Awesome.

I guess we’re all really excited about Two-Face appearing in The Dark Knight.

At least, that’s what my hits and the cease and decist notice from Warner Brothers tells me.

Anywho, I suppose you want to see him in action?

Thanks, Dark Knight ARG, for making this ALL possible!