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Survey Says…THE SPIRIT IS…


Nope, no wrong, decidedly NOT AWESOME, or so says this review posted over at AICN today.

In fact, THE SPIRIT might be so bad that it transcends awful, into hilarity.

We shall see on December 25th though, if it’s all true.

I mean, honestly, how can a movie with lines like “I’m Gonna Kill You All Kindsa Dead!” or “GET ME A TIE AND IT DAMN WELL BETTER BE RED!” be awful?

Oh. Very awful. My bad.

Original Link: Jondough Deems Frank Miller’s THE SPIRIT The Worst Movie He’s Ever Seen!!

Things That Are Awesome For 12/15/08

Gonna try to make this a Monday thing.

Things that are awesome, and why.

Hey guys, you know what’s awesome?

Super Art Fight.

Why? Well, the next show is THIS Saturday, and we’re all getting excited for it.  Hell, the excitement even flowed into the world of nerdcore, as seen in this video featuring MC Lars and YT Cracker.

For more on the show, you know where to go.

Hey guys!

You know what else is awesome?


Haven’t heard of it?  Well, it’s this sweet action-RPG due out next year.  Featuring Jack Black as voice talent, it’s set in a world where metal is king. And super serious.

Not sold? Check out the trailer below.

Until next week, I’m Marty Day…and those things are AWESOME.

More Japanese McDonald’s Love

You may have noticed a bizarre trend here at Blast-O-Rama.  We really LOVE McDonald’s Japan.

I’ve gone on record before, as a child – big fan of McDonalds.  As an adult?  Not so much (although I get a craving 1-2 times a year).

But there’s something very intrigiung to me about an intensely American corporation such as McDonald’s and how their menu is reconfigured, changed, or even in some cases, completely thrown out when it’s brought over to the land of the rising sun.

Despite the documentation of some of the surreal foodstuffs available in the Nippon McD’s, there hasn’t been a comprehensive look at the McDonald’s Japan menu.


You can thank the fine folks at for this one.

How sad is it that if I ever make it to Japan, I’ll just have to experience McDonald’s Japan for myself?

Original Post: The Japanese McDonalds Menu (I’m actually lovin’ it!)