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Sorry For The Lack of Updates!

Sorry for not posting as much as usual as of late.  I was laid off last Wednesday, so I’ve been busy with the job search.

However, I did see The Dark Knight last night.

No spoilers…you have NO idea what you are in store for. The Brothers Nolan knocked it out of the park. More details to come on DERAILED.

Inspiring Words To Live By? Or Just More Comedy?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times…

Patton Oswalt is my hero.

Comedian, writer, nerd, genius…they’re all words I’d use to describe him. Inspirational? Not until now.

See, Mr. Oswalt was chosen to give the commencement speech at his former highschool for the graduating class of ’08 (man, I feel old), and while it’s intended audience is teenagers on their way to adulthood, I think we all can grab something from it.  So while it’s currently available on his website, I’d like to present it in full following the cut below.

Read and learn, kids.

Because Tokyopop Can’t Say No…

No, this isn’t an imaginary universe, nor is that a bad photoshop.

Tokyopop, purveyors of fantastic contracts, are actually making a Ghostbusters Manga.

Granted, Manga is a japanese comic…and not a single thing related to this one-shot is japanese, and sure, this entire thing reeks of some marketing firms babbling about what ideas are hot with the kids these days (“HEY, KIDS LOVE THE 80’s!” “THEY ALSO LIKE DEM BIG EYED CARTOONS!”)…but really, is there a market that is foaming at the mouth for this?

Find out more about this possible soulless husk of a comic over at