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GHOSTSPY: A Look Into Ghostbusters 3?

Chalk this up to “viral marketing”…

Word is spreading fast around the internet about a website that hints at being an inside look into the production and filming of GHOSTBUSTERS 3.

Bit of an issue with that, though.

While word came out earlier this year that Ghostbusters 3 was greenlit and heading into scripting, there have been no announcements about anything further.

So what is this site?  Like I said, most likely, viral marketing…

Maybe it’s for the Ghostbusters game. Maybe it’s for the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray coming out this June.  Maybe it will eventually be for Ghostbusters 3.

All I can say is…click the link, look at the footage (still on YouTube…how odd), and choose for yourself.

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Say what you will about Michael Bay’s Transformers, the fact is, the flick made a metric shit-ton of cash, and was enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

So, of course, 2 years later, we’re now looking at a sequel, the intriguingly titled TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.  And today, we get the first look at it’s poster.

That’s it up above, and those eyes? Internerd rumor sez that they belong to the new Decpticon Jetfire.  Is he the fallen?  Guess we’ll find out when TF2 hits theaters complete with Skippy LaBeef in the main role in June.

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WATCHMENGATE Continues: A Producers Take.

As we comic fans watch the movie making titans at Fox and Warner Bros battle over the fate of the film adaptation of Watchmen, one of the things that has stuck out the most is how the people involved in the creation of the film have remained quiet.

You’d figure for the years of hard work and labor the cast, crew, writers, animators, caterers and whoever else have put into the film, at least one of them would step up, and have their voice heard.

Well, that day has come.  An exclusive to the new movie site HitFlix, headed by one of the best writers from AICN, Drew “Moriarty” McWeeny, this letter from Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin holds nothing back, and if anything, left me with more respect for the team dedicated to making the “unflimable” graphic novel a silver-screen reality.

I’ve included the full text of the letter behind the cut.  I only hope come January 20th, whatever the outcome, Fox and Warner Brothers can unite to bring this film to the masses.  It needs to be seen. It needs to be heard. Make it so.


So it was just about a year ago that I made the jump to a fancy HDTV.

A 40″ Samsung.  Admittingly, I purchased it more to get my credit rating going, but hey, seeing the sundrenched shores of Hawaii during Lost in glorious HD wasn’t going to hurt, was it?

This was the beginning of an epidemic.

Since that fateful day in January, I upgraded to HD Cable, started buying Blu-Rays (so pretty!), got HDMI cables for my 360 and PS3 and honestly, I almost feel punished when I need to watch something in standard def.

It seems video game creators got the hint, though.

Starting with Super Street Fighter II TURBO: HD Remix, we gamers learned just HOW pretty a fighting game can be with sprites large enough to take advantage of high def resolution.

SNK, the “other” fighting company is striking back, though, with a High-Def version of their King of Fighers franchise, which if the above trailer is any indication, will leave your jaw agape at the animation (and probably cause you some losses at the same time).

But this isn’t enough for us, the frothing mad men of HD gaming, oh no!

We want all the classics of our childhood recreated in GLORIOUS 1080p!  Unforutnately, SFII and KoF are the only titles so far to be announced with prettyfied re-releases.  However, if someone WERE to remake classic games from the 16-bit generation…what would they look like?

That’s where the fantastic CGI artist Orioto comes in.

Over at his Deviant Art page, he’s been recreating screenshots of classic 8 and 16 bit games at high resolution, to show us what could be.  And I hope the related companies are listening.


Chalk this one up to complete surprise.

After getting some huge pub for his role in The Wrestler (which I’ve piratedseen, and is really fucking great), it looks like Mickey Rourke is heading right into a lead villain role for Iron Man 2.

Who is Rourke apparently in talks to play?  Well, it depends on your source.  The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Mickey’s gonna be pulling a Devo and whipping it good as the villain Whiplash.  Variety says otherwise, and claims that Rouke would be suiting up as the red Russian ball of fury called the Crimson Dynamo.

Personally, I’d rather see Dynamo on screen, as it’d further the story of the first flick, namely that Stark’s technologies are being put in the wrong hands.  And nothing says wrong hands (or terrible 80s action movie) quite like AN EVIL RUSSIAN!

Also rumored to be signing on to Iron Man 2 is Sam Rockwell, an incredible actor who you can file under “don’t know his name, but know his face.”  Seriously, check his iMDB page.  The sheer amount of “OH MAN, HE WAS THAT GUY?” will leave your forehead raw with slaps.  Rockwell is in talks to play the evil (notice a trend here?) weapons developer Justin Hammer.

All and all, I’d say with Rockwell as Hammer, action sequences by way of my boy Genndy, and hopefully Rourke as Dynamo, Iron Man 2 is going to be a hell of a flick come Summer 2010.

Original Post: Updated Mickey Rourke & Sam Rockwell To Play Supervillains In IRON MAN 2?? — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.