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Come On, Come On…FEEL ‘EM, FEEL ‘EM: First Posters for MAX PAYNE

Sorry, I had to go for the bad Marky Mark reference.

Anywhosle, straight from SDCC (where a LOT of info will be coming from this weekend), here are the first posters for Mark Wahlberg’s starring role as computer-game-hit…Max Payne.

What do you think?  Personally, I prefer the stencil style poster.



I’ll be honest, I can’t trust anything put together by a guy who calls himself McG.

I mean, he’s best known for directing the Charlie’s Angel’s movies…and a slue of Sugar Ray videos.

Yet he’s talked his way into directing the start of the new Terminator series…Terminator Salvation

And as we can see from the first teaser trailer, this movie suc….

Terminator Salvation (Teaser) from Savio on Vimeo.

I was very, very wrong. ALL HAIL MCG! HYPE TRAIN STARTS HERE!

It Was All….Part Of The Plan.

Hard to believe the picture above kicked started the hype train for The Dark Knight one year ago.

And sure, I reported on it extensively on this site, and the viral campaign gave us all some great posters, trailers and even free tickets…

But what was it really SAYING?

We can thank the fine people over at for compiling the entire, meticulous plot for 42Entertainment‘s superb ARG, which bridged the gap between Batman Begins and this weekend’s Bat-sequel.

Click forth! And read!