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Yes, it’s real. See the trailer below.

And given my good friend’s The Protomen‘s connection to The Goon (having played The Goon’s 10th Anniversary show last weekend) could we be in for the GREATEST BAND TEAM-UP OF ALL TIME?

…I sure hope so.

Original Post:  Splash Page » EXCLUSIVE: It’s ‘The Goon Vs. Dethklok’ In New Dark Horse Comics One-Shot — Get Your First Look!

Where Are The Wild Things? In This Poster!

Above is the pretty darn rad poster for Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the classic children’s book Where The Wild Things Are.

Personally, I’ve been super excited for this film ever since Jonze was announced as director, and while his troubles to take this book to the big screen are well documented, I really think it’s going to pay off.

For a peak at the film, we’ll have to wait until the March 27 release of Monsters vs. Aliens, to which the first trailer will be attached.  Me thinks we’ll see the trailer online either shortly before, or shortly thereafter. For a taste of what it could be, check out this test footage embedded below.  I think you’ll agree, this could be a classic in the making.

Original Post:  Where The Wild Things Are Poster | /Film.

Putting The Transforming Cart Before The Transforming Horse


You can’t say Paramount doesn’t take advantage of a good situation.

With 3+ months to go until Transformers 2: We Swear It’s Good This TimeRevenge of the Fallen hits theaters, they’ve ALREADY ANNOUNCED that Transformers 3 will hit theaters on July 1st, 2011.

While this may seem like an early bet, July 2011’s Summer movie slate is already getting quite filled, with Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows: Part II and The First Avenger: Captain America already set to hit the silver screen that month.

Is this too early for Paramount to scope out a 3rd Autobot flick? Or are they right in presuming a trilogy is a GREAT idea?  We’ll find out on June 24th.

Original Post: Transformers 3 on July 1st 2011 | /Film.

Cramer vs. Stewart: The Unedited Interview

Based on the large number of hits that came in when I posted the original Daily Show vs. CNBC clip, there were quite a few of you that wanted to see what happened.

In turn, I give you the followup, as Jon Stewart takes Jim Cramer to task, in 3 bits of tasty video.

I’d offer my own take here, but when there are so many better analyses of the video, I figure it best to just let the experts handle it.  Either way, it’s worth a watch.