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An Ass-Numbing Film Going Experience

oscar.jpgIn what I think is a pretty smart move, AMC is showing a marathon of all 5 Best Picture Oscar nominees on February 23rd, in select theatres.

Starting at 11am and running until 11pm, you can check out (in order), Michael Clayton, There Will Be Blood, Atonement, Juno and No Country For Old Men. A solid preposition by itself, AMC has made it a bit more interesting with a few perks, including unlimited popcorn and the ability to leave/enter the theatre whenever you like (with your collectors pass), all at the low low price of 30 bills (in the case of here in Baltimore, you’re saving at least $20).

Having seen 2 of the 5 flicks, I personally think it’s completely worth it, and the ability to come and go as you please is nice, especially if there’s a film you’re not too interested in seeing (in my case, Atonement). If this special event is happening near you, I’d recommend checking it out.

Teeny Tiny Heroes For Your Desk

With NBC’s series Heroes being an absolute juggernaut…iffy 2nd season and writers strike be damned, it was only a matter of time before it got all kinds of merchandised. And now, thanks to Mezco Toys, action figures are on their way.

Series 1 was revealed earlier this month in ToyFare magzine, and contains the following…


  • Sylar w/brain, baseball cap, shooting glass hand and painting
  • Peter Petrelli w/glowing hands, messenger bag and painting
  • Hiro Nakamura w/sword, messenger bag and painting
  • Claire Bennett w/wounded head, wounded arm and painting
  • Mohinder Suresh w/’Activating Evolution’ book, messenger bag and painting

High res images of each of the figures in series one are available over at

Not to rest on their laurels, Mezco has already announced the second and third series of figures this week at the UK Toy Fair. The lineups are tenative to change, and the sculpts haven’t been completed, so they only exist as sketches.

Pending approval, this is what we should see on the shelves. (Images thanks to

Series 2


  • Noah Bennett w/handgun, taser, infrared goggles, cellphone and removable glasses
  • Niki/Jessica Sanders w/sniper rifle, mirror and case of money
  • Future Peter w/glowing hands
  • Matt Parkman w/Molly Walker, bag of diamonds and handgun
  • Mr. Linderman w/flower, handgun, alternate wounded head and painting

Series 3


  • Nathan Petrelli w/alternate burned head
  • Adam Monroe w/Shanti Vile, Kensei Sword and handgun
  • The Haitian w/windchime and handgun
  • Hiro Nakamura (in Kensei Armor) w/Kensei Sword and removable mask
  • Elle Bishop w/electric hands

Quite the impressive lineup, with loads of nice touches for the fans. I have to give Mezco the credit for adding character and episode appropriate accessories and features, but I’m not entirely sold on the sculpts thus far. I’d have to see how the final product turns out. But I wouldn’t mind my desk being guarded by everyones favorite salaryman-turned-time-traveler. And where’s my Electronic Mr. Muggles?

William Hurt’s Got A Hulk-Related Secret


So, we’ve all oogled and awed over the trailer for this May’s Iron Man flick, and I think I can safely say that with Ed Norton in the main role (plus the CGI tests looking good, as seen above), my excitement level for The Incredible Hulk is starting to get up there.

However, after reading this lil’ sliver of a spoiler about a very interesting connection between the two flicks, as mentioned by William Hurt to MTV...we are at Geek Level Omega.

Don’t Click To Read On If You Don’t Want Minor Spoilers!

Coming To Tatooine (Or, Ah-HA!)

After seeing the fantastic video edit known as The Vader Sessions, I thought we heard all there was to hear from the world of James Earl Jones as Vader audio edits…

…until I saw this video using just audio from Mr. Jones’ turn in Coming To America. While maybe not quite as funny as the original Vader Sessions, it still has it’s moments. Enjoy!

So What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

Ever since I became enamored with the world of Apple with the purchase of my 30GB iPod Video back in November ’05, I’ve dug podcasts.

However, since I tend to carry an inordinate amount of music on my person, I never really got to listen to them on the regular. With my recent upgrade to a 160GB Classic, however, I download quite a few podcasts, both in audio and video format to get me through the day.

Here’s a few of my favorites…

The Adam Carolla Show
Podcast Feed Here:


As a fervent LoveLine fan throughout my teenage years, I was saddened when Adam Carolla left the show, it was taken off of local syndication, and then his new morning show was made west coast only. FRET NOT, kids, it’s available every day after the show finishes in sweet sweet podcast form. Lately, this is what I’ve been listening to on the way to work.

Never Not Funny
Podcast Feed Here:


Hosted by comedian Jimmy Pardo, this show is a shoot-the-shit roundtable with Pardo, producer Matt Belcamp, and a 3rd rotating comedian (past shows have featured such notables as Paul F. Thompkins, Maria Bamford, and The Sklar Brothers). As a comedy nerd, it’s a blast…but I think anyone can enjoy 3 comedic talents just rambling for an hour. I’m totally underselling this podcast, it’s easily one of the highlights of my week.

Podcast Feed Here:


Are you a fan of Kevin Smith? How about his commentaries with producer Scott Mosier? Well, every week you get a slice of goodness, as Smith and Mosier talk all kinds of topics, ranging from the production of the latest View Askew films, to other flicks (they had an incredible debate about The Matrix a few shows back), to even some brutal discussion about their own personal lives. Always a hoot.

What about you? What podcasts roam free in your iPod? Let me know in the comments.