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New Life Goals!

I’m convinced one of the most underrated comedic and intelligent minds of our times is Adam Carolla.

Seriously.  Sure, The Man Show was a horrible, misogynistic program, and Crank Yankers was just…terrible, but anyone who spent their seminal teenage years listening to Loveline, or currently listens to his solo radio show (which you can podcast, as I talked about here), knows he’s one of the most stableminded, and intriguing public figures going in entertainment…albet with kind of a rough exterior.

Anywho, one of my favorite bits of his over the years was his list of things to do before he died…

I’ve now decided these shall be my goals as well.

Here’s what this map of my future looks like…

  • Have to reach up and put my hand over my girlfriend’s/wife’s mouth from screaming when an enemy is nearby and then put up a ‘Shhh’ finger to her mouth to quiet her
  • Get thrown airborne out of a bar or some sort of establishment
  • Dive into a body of water with a knife clenched in my teeth
  • Have a skateboard move named after me
  • To walk on stage and have someone remove a cape from me
  • Have my hands registered as a weapon in a state
  • Have some part of my body insured
  • Be kicked out of a casino for winning too much
  • Receive a large cardboard check
  • Save someone from quicksand
  • Do the ‘fist-stop-hold-up’ move, then do the two-fingers-in-the-eye move for ‘watch!’ then do the ‘move out’ hand signal, all silently
  • Travel in a building’s air vents.
  • Shoot someone in order to save their life.
  • Receive a novelty size ‘key to the city’
  • Have a girl threaten to kill herself after I break up with her
  • Point to a watch underwater
  • Have someone successfully start a slow clap for me
  • Thwart an ex’s wedding
  • Stop a crime by throwing something at the criminal, thus knocking him/her out as they attempt to flee
  • Clothesline a person on a motorcycle, watch the bike careen out of control, then take the bike and peel out
  • Make the proclamation, “Release the hounds!”
  • Have a wealthy father try to persuade me not ever see his daughter again by offering me a large sum of money



Ah Ha! Merch I WON’T BUY!

File this under Monday weirdness…

To celebrate next month’s release of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Adidas of all companies decided to get in on the fun…

The result?

Probably the one bit of Hellboy merch that my artfightin’ cohort Nick wouldn’t buy.


Although, the BPRD shoelace tag is kinda cool.

You can see way more pics of this pair of weird ass kicks here at Hypebeast.

Movie Trailer Friday: May 30, 2008

So I’ve decided on a new recurring feature every Friday here at DoS. Thanks to and their embeddable movie trailers, I’ll feature 3 trailers worth checking out.

Hope you enjoy.

First up is the red band trailer for the forthcoming Coen Brothers movie Burn After Reading. Looks like another fun farce by the Brothers Coen. Note the NSFW language. And have I mentioned how much I love J.K. Simmons?

Up next, the red band trailer for Step Brothers! Once again, the language is NSFW, but it’s good to see what could potentially be a fine Farrell comedy, after his run of half baked flicks.

Finally, the international trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I have one word for you…YETI.


So, Tokyopop? Kind of Pure Evil…


While I’ve made no bones about my hero worship for one Mr. Bryan Lee O’Malley in the past, I think this is an instance where everyone needs to take notice.

Last night, he posted a very powerful rant on his blog, and it’s one that basically any creative type within the width of these words needs to take a look at.

The topic? Tokyopop‘s new Manga Pilot program. And how it rapes you, as a creator.

And doesn’t just rape, oh no. It does so with glee, by way of a tongue in cheek, asinine contract, that features such wonderful bits as….

“Moral rights” is a fancy term (the French thought it up) that basically has to do with having your name attached to your creation (your credit!) and the right to approve or disapprove certain changes to your creation. Of course, we want you to get credit for your creation, and we want to work with you in case there are changes, but we want to do so under the terms in this pact instead of under fancy French idea. So, in order for us to adapt the Manga Pilot for different media, and to determine how we should include your credit in tough situations, you agree to give up any “moral rights” you might have.

Yep. That is in a contract.  And it gets worse from there.

For the full post, click here, and if you know anyone who this may help/assist, please send the link along.

Personally? Tokyopop never saw a dime from me. And never will.  You will not see a project written by me coming from them, and I hope they get what they deserve.

My Poor Shirt Drawer OR Ad-Venture-ous Shirts!


Yeah, I had to go for the pun.

Just announced today over at Jackson Publick’s livejournal, just in time for the Season 3 premiere of The Venture Brothers, comes one of the coolest ideas ever in the history of TV/cartoon related merch.

I give you….The Venture Brothers Shirt Of The Week Club!

Every week, following the premiere of the latest episode of The Venture Brothers, Astrobase Go! will put a t-shirt on sale, with a design related to that weeks episode, for $22, including shipping.

The first design is up now (a sweet design for the Guild of Calamitous Intent), and there will be one for each episode of Season 3, 13 shirts total.

Are you a huge Venture fan?  Astrobase has you covered, as they’re offering a 13 shirt subscription (along with an exclusive Brock Samson Blood Judo shirt) for the low low price of $250.

Me?  I think I’ll grab one or two as they appear.  Although, the potential for eBay sales is great…hmm…anyone want to go in on a subscription?