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Wreck Some Thugs As THE MINUTEMEN!


Well this is pretty rad.  Following the awesome deluge of sweet video clips and images from the New Frontiersman website, the Watchmen hype machine continues, with a decidedly retro slant.

You ever want to play a Streets of Rage-esq beat ’em up as the Nite Owl or Silk Spectre?  Here’s your chance!

Sure, it’s a pretty simplistic flash game, but I’ve gotta give them credit for authenticity.  Shame there isn’t an iPhone or otherwise portable version…

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Chris Nolan’s Next Step: ‘Inception’


I know this is going to break the heart of Bat-Fans everywhere, but…here goes.

Much like a band-aid being ripped from a wound…Chris Nolan’s next movie is not Batman Begins 3/The Dark Night 2.

His next project instead? A film called Inception.

The details on this project are pretty scarce, but here’s what The Hollywood Reporter had to say on it.

“Inception” is described as “a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.”

Ok….so…that tells us next to nothing. But let’s be honest…after The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, The Prestige, Memento…how could you NOT want to see this?

Inception is currently set to be filmed this summer for a Summer 2010 release.

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The Wachowskis: Rebooting Superman?


Fresh off the front page of Ain’t It Cool news comes quite the interesting update on the Brothers Wachowski.

The rumor is…they’re taking over the Superman franchise.

Not just for a film, but a full-on trilogy of films.

The article itself also includes information on the Wachowski-produced Ninja Assassin, the fate of Plastic Man, plus a rumor or two on Brian Singer taking over Logan’s Run, but oh man…

The Wachowski’s? Doing Superman?  I’m not even a big fan of The Man of Steel, but this would be one for the Holy Shit if True file.

Original Post:Rumor… a doozy… Wachowskis… McTeague… PLASTIC MAN, SUPERMAN Trilogy & Singer on LOGAN’S RUN?!?!?! — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news..

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Site Opens!

After seeing bookmarks handed out for this at NYCC over the weekend, I had a feeling this would be coming this week…

The official website for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World launched today!  The film, an adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fantastic graphic novella series, is being directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Spaced, Shaun of the Dead) with Michael Cera (Superbad, Arrested Development) in the lead role.

Of course, if you read this blog, you probably are sick of hearing about it.

…but too bad, ’cause only more hype is comin’!

Anyway, the site has no real content (yet), but is delightfully retro.  Enjoy the blinking title gif.

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