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Peter Gabriel Tells The Oscars To Suck It!


Well done, Hollywood!  Now you’re pissing off the good ones.

Peter Gabriel has apparently pulled out of performing at the Oscars this year.

His absolutely fantastic track “Down to Earth” from Wall-E is nominated for Best Original Song from a motion picture this year, and due to a bizarre time cutting measure, is scheduled to not be performed in full, but as a 60-second snippet during a medley of all of the Oscar nominated tracks.

This is part of a time-cutting measure from the Academy, who are trying to cut the Oscars down to fit a 3 hour timeline.

Here’s an idea, gang?  How about we cut down the endless fucking montages?  Sure, it’s nice to give those who passed a moment of glory, but what about the montages like “A Celebration of Desert Scenes in Film”, “Oh My, Sound Effects are Rad”, or “Long Panning Shots of Random Cities, Here’s a Whole Bunch of them”.  You mean to tell me that they are more crucial to the ceremony than hearing the songs that are actually fucking nominated?

Ugh.  Pete, I’m with you.

Original Post: Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily » Peter Gabriel Pissed At Oscar Producers And Won’t Perform At Academy Awards.

The Mario & Sonic Rivalry Continues. Again. Some More.

You’d figure that after battling throughout the 1990s, Mario & Sonic would be sick of each other.

But you’d be wrong.

After the super success of Mario & Sonic at The Olympic Games in 2007, Nintendo and Sega are sending the classic gaming icons into sports related combat once more with….

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games.

Yeah, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  The trailer is linked below.

Honestly, was the first one any good?

Original Post: Mario & Sonic head to the Winter Olympics later this year – Joystiq.