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So I’m Not The Only One Indiffferent To TWILIGHT Then?

Straight from their uber premiere, the leads of the Sci-Fi Original Picture sure-to-rule the box office Twilight…seem to share the same opinion of the film I do.

Complete and utter indifference.



Looks like we’ll be getting 26 episodes of norse god toon action, if Marvel has their way.

That’s right, in addition to the forthcoming Wolverine & The X-Men and Iron Man: Armored Adventures, everyone’s favorite thunder lord, Thor should be receiving a series in Autumn 2010, following that summer’s release of his film.

Personally, I’m always for whatever cartoons that will hit the air and inspire kids, as opposed to this Kids Next Door/Ben 10 crap.  So let’s do this thing, Marvel!

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Kick-Ass is Lookin’…Pretty Alright!

Bet you thought I’d say that it looks “kick ass”, eh?

Kick-Ass, for those unawares, is the latest comic from the always controversial Mark Millar (Wanted, Marvel’s Civil War).  In it, teenager Dave Lizewski decides to become a masked vigilante, and after a few bad run-ins with criminals, eventually becomes an online sensation.

The images above represent our first official look at the hero, and his ugly-ass green and yellow suit.

The flick sounds like it’s going to be remarkably close to the source material, so it should be interesting to see how it pans out.

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Iraq War OVER? …Not Quite.

In what has to be one of the coolest hoaxes/pranks ever done, a group of thousands, calling themselves “The Yes Men” distributed a fake version of the New York Times yesterday.

The edition, dated July 5, 2009, details an almost utopic vision for the future of the US, with the Iraq War over, the economy stablized, hell, even an apology for the WMD scares!

Unfortunately for us all, this isn’t reality yet, but as pranks go, this is definitely one of the more elaborate, and dare I say it…hopeful.

Hell, they even made a fake website.

Maybe one day this paper will be real. Time will tell.

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