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Don’t Worry, No Spoilers From Me


Just caught word from a little birdie…

If you’re a reader of this blog, you’re probably well aware that we’re just days away from the release of Iron Man (it’s actually been pushed up to 8pm on May 1st, for those who absolutely must be the first to see it.)

I’m not going to spoil anything for anyone, but if what I hear is true…

Stay Through The Credits.

You’re welcome.


Also, would someone please buy me this sweet poster from The Alamo Drafthouse’s premiere of Iron Man? Thanks.

Re: Podcasty Goodness

Well, it’s only been up 24 hours, but I’ve already received positive IMs, e-mails and comments on our first attempt at a podcast, so I think we’re going to try to make this a weekly thing.

In turn, I’d like to aim for the next episode to be up by next Wednesday.

We’re going to spice things up a bit, by throwing in a rotating third chair, bringing on random guests, whether they’re people we know from the crazy world of the internet, around Baltimore, or personal friends of ours who we think would make for an entertaining program.  Every week, provided we can find someone, there’ll be a third voice keeping things interesting.

Also, we’d like to start answering listener/reader questions!  You can use this post to start, but every week, feel free to leave questions that we’ll address on the next weeks podcast. Anything goes. Let’s make it interesting.

So keep your eyes peeled for next week’s installment, as Dead of Summer & Blast-O-Rama present The Untitled Podcast.

Call It Poor Taste…

…But man, I wish my legs didn’t work!

Just caught this ad for the iBot mobility system, which might be the coolest robot wheelchair walker thingy OF ALL TIME!!!

How About A Podcast?

For some time now, people have told Nick (my artistic cohort at Dead of Summer) and I that we should give podcasting a try.

We agreed, but never really knew when we’d get around to it.

For whatever reason, we had a wild hair up our ass, and decided to tape a test podcast.


Join us as we discuss movies, music, Cloverfield, and obscure hip hop.

Let us know what you think. Maybe if ya’ll like it, this will be regular.

Will Someone PLEASE Stop Trent Reznor?


He’s making it look too damn easy.

In the latest installment of the end of days for the music industry (yet, where there’s never been a better time to be a fan), an era where Radiohead released their new album without a label while letting you pay what you want; Nine Inch Nails released a 2-disc instrumental album at a variety of prices, including free; The Raconteurs released an album without notifying anyone of it’s existance; and Gnarls Barkley pushed their album release up 2 weeks without notification, Reznor may have taken it a step forward.

He’s released a new single to radio a day after its completion.

While thus far all that’s hit the web is this 2-minute snippet, this new Nine Inch Nails single, entitled “Discipline” was sent to modern-rock stations across the country today, with the note that it was mastered literally 24 hours ago.

Ever mysterious, was updated with this message last night…

Two Weeks.

Those who followed the bizarre, seemingly out of nowhere release of Ghosts I-IV will remember, this was the exact statement posted just before the albums announcement and upload.

Does this mean another Nine Inch Nails album is due, just weeks after the last?

Video may have killed the radio star, but it looks like Internet’s not just killing the video star, but the traditional music marketing format entirely.

What the hell is next? Exciting times to be a creative type on the web, let me tell you.

EDIT, 4/23/08 2:07pm – The MP3 of ‘Discipline’ is now available for free download at Interesting note, the ID3 tags have a note saying simply “Go to May 5”.