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The never ending cash cow known as Star Wars is rolling on this August with the theatrical premiere of the forthcoming CG toon The Clone Wars.

Despite being phenominally done in standard animation a few years back, the soon-to-be released CG film and future series shows the much spoken of Clone Wars, which took place between Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3.


As the flick hits theaters on August 15, the hype train starts this week, with the first one-sheet hitting theaters this Friday (seen above), plus the official release of the first trailer, which airs on Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS, CNN, and Boomerang at 7:58pm in all U.S. time zones on Thursday…and is attached to Speed Racer this Friday.

Personally? While the CG is looking nice, with great shading work, I keep getting reminded of the old British Supermarionation shows like Captain Scarlett and Thunderbirds. Besides, didn’t Genndy Tardiofsky already do this…and really FREAKING well?

Oh well. I know they’re gonna sucker me out of my $10. Such a cheap whore am I.

It’s A Goddamn Frank Miller Christmas!


Apparently nerd hype leads to business moves these days.

Based on the very positive response to the teaser trailer to What Are You, Dense? I’m The Goddamn Spirit The Spirit revealed at NYCC, LionsGate has announced that the release of the Frank Miller helmed flick has been moved from January 2009 to December 25th, 2008.

So, you planning on making it a Spirit christmas?

Wolverine & The Fast Improving Animated Series

So when on Earth did Marvel Animation get good again?

Last I checked, the Fantastic Four toon was ass, and the direct to DVD features weren’t good…and then this Wolverine & The X-Men toon looked bad too.

But then The Spectacular Spider-Man hit….and shy of it’s theme song….it’s REALLY good.

And now a new trailer hit for Wolverine & The X-Men that looks….honestly, kinda great. Sure, I don’t like Wolverine being the focus, but the animation and scope looks unrivaled.


Wolverine & The X-Men hits Nickelodeon in Spring 2009.

This Is The Stuff Of Nightmares…

When the 3rd, and possibly final trailer for The Dark Knight hit theaters attached to Iron Man this past Thursday (and officially on the web on Sunday), a lot of people noticed a half second glimpse of Harvey Dent post scarring….effectively making him Two Face.


Of course, we’re all wondering…what does the other side hold?

Over at the years long running comic rumors column Lying In The Gutters, it looks like they’ve got it.

Per Request From Warner Bros Entertainment, Inc., the image has been removed.

Another Week, Another NIN Album…


Considering I’ve seemingly written this post a few times before, I’ll save us some effort.  Me in the writing pile, you in the reading.

Here goes…

Blah Blah Blah Trent Reznor Blah Blah Blah New Nine Inch Nails Album Blah Blah Blah Free On The Internet Blah Blah Blah Fuck You To The Music Industry Blah Blah Blah Download It Now.

Really. 10 tracks. Free.  Will someone else step up? Let’s not let Radiohead and Reznor run with the title here, kids!