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Getting Closer To Solving This Deadpool Mess

Man, we nerds sure do love some Deadpool!

Never have I had such fast and furious conversations on Twitter, as when the latest X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer hit, and seemingly, Deadpool, or at least the movies interpretation of it, was shooting beams from his eyes (as seen above).

Suffice to say, the nerd rage was full and heavy.

I mean, people were even debating this last night at the Watchmen midnight show!

So what’s the deal?  The team at Film School Rejects attempts to solve it all.  Unfortunately, we won’t really know for sure until May 1st, but…man…it’s still looking bleak.

Original Post: X-Men Origins Wolverine: Solving the Deadpool Mystery | Film School Rejects.

New WOLVERINE Trailer Ends A Long Running Question, Asks A New One

First, before I move on in any degree, watch the new trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, embedded below.

Watched it? Ok, cool.

Angry? Confused? Yeah, me too.  To ease the pain a little, I have a little story for you.

A few years back, there was a comic released, called Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. Fun one-shot. Written by Garth Ennis before he was, well you know, Garth Ennis.

I never really read it myself, but one day, talking amongst friends, it came up.  My ol’ buddy Mike Rodman told me about it.

Let me tell you about Mike Rodman. Mike’s a mountain of a man, with a mile-a-minute mouth when he’s excited. And when it comes to comics, he’s a very excited guy.

So there we were, discussing this insane comic where Punisher kills off literally the ENTIRE Marvel U. (Seriously, click the link above, it has the full list.)  And when he recanted the plot, point by point, something in his head broke.  He realized a gigantic flaw that he’d never noticed before.

As part of the story, Punisher lures a gigantic group of heroes to face him on the moon.  Once upon the moon, he detonates a nuke, killing dozens of characters in the blink of an eye.

To the average fan, this is the next madcap bit in a decidedly crazy comic.

To Mike…this became a battle-cry.

He asked, very loudly, and will, to this very day exclaim with much vigor a simple question…


If you ask further…he’ll break it down a little…


Honestly, in all our collective bits of nerd know how, we couldn’t explain it.  Sure, you could reason a few ideas…Hell, I’d even bet that the comic itself explained it.  But the fact was this…The Punisher?  An urban combat trained hero.  Space isn’t his place, let alone the moon.  He’d sooner nuke NYC with every man, woman and child in it.

Cut to present day, it’s just about a decade later, and “How Did The Punisher Get To The Moon?” has become an ongoing gag with friends of mine…a constant reference to wondering where exactly did that train of thought come from?

After watching this trailer?  Punisher’s adventures on the moon are nothing.

I ask the creators of the film one simple and futile question…


Good luck explaining that one, Fox.  See you in May.

Original Post: UPDATED!! This is how Fox wanted to debut this new trailer for WOLVERINE: ORIGINS??? — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news..

The Daily Show To CNBC: F**K YOU!

Wow, there are times where I actively forget the edge and anger that The Daily Show can project.

This video shows, hands down, why even though they are a “comedy program”, they might be the most honest news source on Earth.

I’d hate to be a head at CNBC today.  Because well, honestly, that head just got bit clean off.

How Could’ve WATCHMEN Gone Wrong?


So we’re just hours away from the release of Watchmen, and the early reviews already have critics, nerds and general public debating the pros and cons of Zach Synder’s adaptation of the long-lauded Alan Moore-penned graphic novel.

But how bad could it have been?

Creator Harry Partridge has shown us just how surreal Watchmen would’ve been…if it were a Saturday Morning cartoon.

Hold on to your hats, and get ready for a blast from the past.

Original Post: Saturday Morning Watchmen.

Take Me To TOKYO!

Here’s a look at what could be a really rad flick, TOKYO!.

TOKYO! is a film directed by Leos Carax (not familar with his work), Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Be Kind Rewind, soon to be Green Hornet) and Bong Joon-ho (the super underrated The Host), which is a series of 3 tales which all take place in Japan’s most infamous city.

The trailer itself is really well put together, barely showing you anything, while never the less enticing you.  Nice touch using “Be Good” by Tokyo Police Club, too.

Color me there when it hits theaters, this month in NYC and LA, and who knows when locally.

Original Post: YouTube – TOKYO TRAILER.