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No Hugs, None.

Sorry for the lack of updates, lately. I’ve found myself unusually busy with a new project (which you can find out more about elsewhere, I’ll be posting about it soon when there’s more to say.)

In any case, I wanted to share this amazing Coke ad aired during the Euro Cup, shared with me by Rosscott.

Innnnput! Brick Based Innnnput!

As if I weren’t having enough trouble repressing this second childhood and stopping myself from blowing dough on Legos, this Lego interpretation of Short Circuit‘s Johnny Five isn’t helping.


Thanks, Brickshelf, for this and your many amazing galleries of nerdy builds.

Movie Trailer Friday: June 6, 2008

Here’s this weeks trailers for Movie Trailer Friday…..

  1. X-Files: I Want To Believe
  2. The Redband Russian trailer for Wanted, which makes it look like an entirely different film…
  3. The redband trailer for Tropic Thunder

Transformers 2 Has A Title!


So currently in Bethlehem, PA, filming is underway on the sequel to Transformers.  I’ll try to remain an adult and abstain from calling it “Bayformers” as so many bloggers are apt to do, but never the less…

Since the reveal of a sequel, the nerds have been wondering…what’s it going to be titled?  If modern film is any indication, they can’t just call it “Transformers 2″…it needs to be more obtuse, like Return of The Transformers or have a snazzy subtitle.

If this post over at TFormers has any weight….

Transformers II: Revenge of the Fallen

What does it mean? I have no idea.  I’m just looking forward to seeing Dwight Schrute tie it up with Starscream, while 15 diffferent sunsets occur in the background.

Deaf Guy SMASH!


Oh yeah, that is a classy headline.

Anywhom, we’re a week and change away from the release of The Incredible Hulk, and believe it or not, buzz is really good, with the first reviews hitting Ain’t It Cool earlier today (slight noted spoilers at link).

But here’s something that I didn’t know until today…

Lou Ferrigno is doing the voice of The Hulk!

How freaking awesome is that. Hopefully this means he won’t be shilling $25 autographs at Comic Conventions anymore.

Yeah, they’ll be $35.