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Adorable Lil’ Sackboys Bustin’ Adorable Lil’ Ghosts

Goddamn I love Little Big Planet.

Of the exclusives released thus far for the PlayStation 3, one of the titles that has secured it’s place in my entertainment unit as something more than a blu-ray player has been the Media Molecule developed customizable platformer.

And sure, the idea of licensed DLC isn’t new for Little Big Planet, I mean they’ve had Metal Gear Solid skins, Street Fighter skins, even Judge Dredd skins, but I think this is the most fun.

While Sony’s been teasing us the past few weeks with information, Sony Japan opened the floodgates today with the first images of Ghostbusters related content for the title.

Sure, it’s not officially announced for the US (yet), but I think it’s safe to say we’ll be able to dress up our Sackboys as the Busters themselves, Slimer, the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man, and even a “No Ghost” very soon.


Original Post:  LittleBigPlanet Site Ain’t Afraid Of Posting Ghostbusters DLC – littlebigplanet – Kotaku.

The Office: THE MANGA?!

No, not really.

But if it were to happen, it’d probably look something like this amazing piece by Deviant Art member “~cool-slayer” (real name : Carla Rodrigues).

Suffice to say, I freakin’ love the look of it.

Oh, bizarre alternate reality where NBC sitcoms are turned into Japanese cartoons…

Original Post: The Office by ~cool-slayer on deviantART.

Take Sue Storm…PLEASE!

You may have already seen this video across the web, but if you haven’t, you really should watch it.

Here’s the standup debut of Dr. Victor Von Doom.

What’s really cool? This was filmed at a comedy event at Golden West, here in Baltimore.  Great restaurant, now filled with great comedy. Enjoy.

Original Post: YouTube – Doom.

Disney & Dali. Really.

I know it sounds like a joke, but seriously, Walt Disney & Salvador Dali worked together on a cartoon!

The project, called Destino, started in 1945, but wasn’t completed until 2003, nearly SIXTY YEARS LATER.

It’s finally getting a DVD release in 2010, along with a behind the scenes documentary.

However, you can get a look at it early right above.  It’s…something, that’s for sure. But what that something is….I cannot really say.

Original Post: YouTube – Destino – Disney & Dali.

I Guess BayFormers Is Worth Something…

Sure, we nerds can go back and forth for HOURS on this here internet on Michael Bay’s version of Transformers, and who’s childhoods were and weren’t raped, but regardless, if it weren’t for the (terrible) movies, we wouldn’t have something this awesome.

My friends across the interweb, I give you Optimus Prime on David Letterman, delivering last night’s Top Ten: “Top Ten Things That Sound Cool Said By A Giant Robot”.

My personal favorite? Number Seven.

Original Post: Optimus Prime loves Sex and the City – TV Squad.