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Iggy, What Happened?


You remember Iggy Pop, right?

The street-walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm?

The dude who used to cut his chest open on stage?

That guy?

Yeah, he’s now a Lego Man, appearing as such in Lego Rock Band.

The definition of “rock and roll” sure has changed.  I mean, sure, dude was on Pete & Pete, but this is just ridiculous!

Could always be worse though. Look at what Activision did to Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5…

Original Post:  Iggy Pop goes shirtless for Lego Rock Band.

Disney Dares Del Toro

And now, the real news from D23 that had me SUPERSTOKED…

Disney is starting a new animation imprint titled Disney Double Dare You, to be helmed by one of this blog’s absolute favorites…Guillermo Del Toro.

The concept of Disney Double Dare You is to create “films full of thrills and chills for all ages”, so I anticipate it to be a darker, more fantasy filled imprint of animation from Disney.

The first project confirmed is a film called Trollhunters, based on an original Del Toro story.  In an interview with Variety concerning the new imprint,  he hinted towards some sort of connection between the films, saying that the films will be linked by ““one feature that shall remain secret, but that you shall soon be very familiar with.”

How Guillermo intends to balance an entire film imprint with the other projects he’s working on, I have no idea, but I am very excited.

If you told me ten years ago, that some of the most exciting movements in filmmaking would be coming from Disney, I’d call you crazy, but between Pixar, this new Double Dare You imprint and their purchase of Marvel, it’s looking to be true.

Original Post:  Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘D’ Project Revealed: A New Disney Animation Label | /Film.

Muppets Are Comin’ Back, But With A Budget

In another bit of news from the D23 convention this past weekend (which I’m just getting around to posting thanks to a nice bout of Strep, no fun.), Disney officially announced the theatrical return of THE MUPPETS!

The new flick, which has no official release date thus far, will be titled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made.

Based on a script by Forgetting Sarah Marshall star/Apatow Clan member/all around awesome dude Jason Segel, the film is apparently built around an unused story idea from Jim Henson, where Gonzo blows the movie budget on the opening credits, and then the rest of the film is shot on the same backlot, which is poorly disguised as the locations for the rest of the film.

Sounds great to me!  As a child of the Muppet generation, I personally cannot wait for Kermit, Fozzie and the gang to be back on screen.  Let’s just hope that if there are celebrity cameos (a Muppet staple), they’re of the Jason Segel/Seth Rogan variety, and not say…Heidi & Spencer. Ugh.

Original Post:  Disney Announces The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made | /Film.

PIRATES 4 Confirmed…

Fresh from this past weekend’s D23 Disney Convention, comes the above confirmation of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean flick, complete with subtitle and suggested release date.

Just won’t let the franchise die, will you, Big Dis? And this comes from a guy who actually liked the trilogy as a whole…

At least Orlando Bloom & Kiera Knightly are said to not be coming back.

Original Post: Blog@Newsarama » Blog Archive » “Pirates 4″ has a name….