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Get Ready To Love Woody Harrelson A Bit More


For years, I’ve been a fan of Woody Harrelson, but I have to admit, it’s mostly been in an ironic fashion.

The original example of “Aw Shucks” acting endearing a performer to a mass audience (see Matthew McConaughey for the modern version), Woody broke out on Cheers, had a few minor hits, then became more of a punchline due to his non-stop support of Hemp based products.

Despite this, I really enjoy seeing Woody in flicks, and between this Fall’s Zombieland, and the flick this post is about, Defendor, I’m excited to see him get roles that will allow him a modern day renaissance.

So what’s Defendor about?

Harrelson plays a man who decides to become a vigilante, seeking to avenge his mother’s death.  I know, we’ve had quite a few superhero movies in recent years, but this seems to fall more on the “superhero concepts don’t work out in real life” side of things than another fantastical blockbuster.

The flick also features Kat Dennings (whom I love!) as a prostitute who he befriends.

The first trailer is embedded below.

Original Post: The ‘Defendor’ Trailer Lands Online – Cinematical.

New LOS CAMPESINOS! Track For The Future

It’s been a good few days as a music fan.

The new Protomen album dropped, the new Muse leaked, and now another of my favorites, the crazy brits in Los Campesinos! have released a track off of their forthcoming 3rd album, which has yet to be titled or dated.

The track is called “The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future”, and they’ve not just created a homegrown music video (viewable at the link below), but offered the song for download (again, same link).

It’s somewhat of a departure for the band, headed in the darker direction found in certain tracks of We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, but it continues in the bands mixture of pure emotion with slightly sloppy playing (in that good way).  A few listens in, I love the track to death, and cannot wait to see what the rest of the album holds.

Don’t just take my word for it, go download the track and see what you think!

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First Look At THE HOST 2

One of the most fun films of the past few years had to have been The Host.

Effortlessly mixing family drama with kajiu goodness, it was just an absolute blast to watch, and became a bit of a worldwide hit.

In a move that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, The Host 2 is currently in production.  Unfortunately, literally no one from the first is involved in the sequel, but the still above tells us that the CGI beasties will still be rad.

The Host 2 will hit Korean theaters sometime in 2010, and then sometime thereafter here in the US.

Original Post:  First CG Test Picture from “The Host 2” – The Host 2 – io9.

Lock, Stock & Two Smokin’ LOBOs

Best known for his British gangsta films and being Madonna’s ex, Guy Ritchie will know be known for bringing “The Main Man” to the screen, as he helms the film adaptation of Lobo.

Possibly the first instance in years of me responding to a comic adaptation announcement of “That Character, Really?”, Lobo is best known as a late 80’s-early 90’s DC Comics in-joke, a spoof of Marvel’s grim and gritty characters such as Wolverine and Punisher.

An intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo traveled from galaxy to galaxy, killing everything in his path. Along the way, he had a comic cover where he might’ve had a penis for an elbow and had his ass kicked, off panel, by Wolverine during the mid-90’s DC vs. Marvel crossover.

While Ritchie seems to have removed the stink from his terrible Madonna film Swept Away by producing return-to-form flicks such as Revolver and RocknRolla (not to mention directing the hopefully-great Sherlock Holmes, due out this Christmas), I really can’t help but wonder…of all the DC characters on the shelf, why this one?

We’ll find out whenever Lobo hits theaters, I suppose.

Original Post: The Hollywood Reporter: Heat Vision: Guy Ritchie to direct ‘Lobo’.