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The Greatest Battle Ever…Could Be On Your Chest

Straight from last week’s new batch of Threadless shirts, comes possibly the greatest design they’ve ever printed.




For me, this is possibly the greatest combination since someone put their chocolate in someone else’s peanut butter.

The snag?  As one of Threadless’ “Select” tees (understandable, given the complexity of the print), this one’ll set you back 25 bones.

I will say this, I’m not above begging.  And the holiday season is coming up.  So open your wallets and click that link. 🙂

Original Post: The Select Series – A tee shirt by Michael Valadares Ferreira titled Ninjas vs Luchadores

DOWNLOAD THIS!: Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends

Ok, so you’re probably reading this late Sunday or early Monday.

You’ve got the blues about heading back to work.

Worry not, dear friends, as I’ve got the album to kick start your life RIGHT out of the duldrums!

Thanks to the music download nerds over at Indieducky, I’m happy to share the album “Fucked Up Friends” by Tobacco.

Known as one of the instrumentalists behind the weird-ass psychedelia of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco lays down some sweet ass beats, perfect for dancing the night away, or just relaxing to some smooth jams.

Hell, I’d even go so far as to say as it’s the perfect soundtrack for an Art Fight. (Hint, Hint)

So what are you waiting for? Click the link, and get yo’ self some mooziks!

Original Post: Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends | Indieducky.Com

Captain America HAS A DIRECTOR!

The latest in the round of comic films to hit the silver screen just got a little bit closer to being made.

Today, Marvel Studios officially announced that Joe Johnston will be helming The First Avenger: Captain America as it makes it’s slow trot towards releasing in 2011.

Based on Johnston’s track record (which includes highlights such as The Rocketeer and lowlights including Jurassic Park III), I’m pretty indifferent towards this pick.  But let’s be honest, it really comes down to the script, and who they put in the suit.

Hopefully they make a solid choice.

My preference? Let’s throw Matty Damon under the chainmail and cowl.

Original Post: Joe Johnston to Direct Captain America | /Film

Batman’s Coming For You, NOLAN!

Ok, so after making nearly a BILLION dollars worldwide with The Dark Knight, you’d presume that many a person would be going after Christopher Nolan.

But would you think it Batman?

That’s right, the Turkish city of Batman is suing Christopher Nolan over the use of it’s name in this past summer’s hit.

You’d figure the mayor of the city, which is known for an unusally high suicide rate, would work through the typical chain of command on these things, like say…DC Comics, Warner Brothers, etc.

But nearest as I can tell, they REALLY have a bone to pick with the guy who made Memento. Go figure.

Original Post: The Dark Knight: Batman Sues Christopher Nolan Over Success Of The Dark Knight

So About Those New Macs…

I know you’re probably wondering…

I’m popping back in with blogs…why haven’t I commented on Apple’s refresh of their notebooks, highlighted with the new MacBook and MacBookPro?

Well, strap yourself in, because here’s my no holds barred reaction.

I want to have sex with them.

Enjoy that mental image!