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Keep Runnin’ Seth! A Look At GREEN HORNET!

Fresh off the set of the Michel Gondry helmed, Seth Rogen written adaptation of The Green Hornet comes the above image of Rogen as the title character.

You can see for sure that he’s slimmed down for the role, and I dare say it….looks the part!

But what can one expect from a superhero movie written by the team who gave us Superbad and Pineapple Express as lensed through the eye of one of the strangest working directors going today?  We’ll find out in December 2010 when Green Hornet hits theaters.

Here’s One For My Designer Friends…

With so many friends who make their livings as designers, I’ve learned to pick up on a lot of their ticks.

Whether it’s a terrible font choice, ugly layout, or just poor proofing, I’ve grown to have just as critical an eye as them, finding the flaws in nearly every logo, design or layout.

So, it’s in the intent of bringing you the best of the internet, I pass along a site catalogging the worst logos in the universe.

Appropriately titled, this site is just full of eye-hurting comedy gold.

I mean really..who the hell approved THIS logo for a bar and grill?

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New Shot From IRON MAN 2 Says “GIMME A DONUT”


Fresh from the Marvel Films/Paramount production of Iron Man 2 comes this latest still, with Tony Stark looking like how I felt this morning.

Namely, I’m tired, I’m hungry…somebody gimme a donut.

I’m looking forward to more human moments like this in the sequel, which hits theaters this coming May.

CANABALT: Go Play Or Buy It.

While I’ve mentioned this game a few different times on my Twitter, I haven’t really gone at length about my love for it on here, so I thought it was time.

Blast-O-Rama audience, meet Canabalt.

Canabalt, meet the Blast-O-Rama audience.

The idea is simple. You’re running from an unseen threat, trying to get as far as possible without falling to your death.  But with a great 2D greyscale style, addictive soundtrack, and great gameplay, you’ll be addicted to it for months to come.

The game started as a flash game designed in just a handful of games (and is still playable for free), but has just been released on the iPhone for $3. Honestly, I’ve played the free version enough to know that I want it on the go.

And as the opening screen says…be sure to play with headphones for maximum awesome.

Can you beat my personal best of 3833m?

Original Post:  Canabalt Runs, Skips, And Jumps To iPhone App Store.