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More Peelander-Z Jams In April!

Sorry Pitchfork, as much as you want to hype Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion as the first major release of 2009, I do believe a Japanese Comic Punk band has you beaten.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite band from Planet Peelander, Peelander-Z, has officially announced their new album.

It’s entitled P-Pop High School and hits shelves, both physical and virtual, on April 1st.

As usual, they’ll be touring like crazy behind it, with a journey that takes them all around the US, starting in March and ending in May.  What’s awesome?  They’ll have copies of the album in hand before it’s official release date.  So if you’re lucky enough to see them in March, you can check out some P-Z goodness early.

Now, if you please…how do you like your steak?

Burger King Wants Your Friends To Hate You

I know we’ve been afraid of The King for a few years now, but I’ve officially become convinced that Burger King is pure evil.

Just yesterday, BK announced a brand new Facebook application entitled WHOPPER SACRIFICE.

What’s the gimmick?  Here goes…

You install “Whopper Sacrifice”, and upon clicking it, you get a list of your Facebook friends.  For every 10 friends you highlight, and choose to delete, you get a coupon for a free Whopper.

Here’s the catch!  Your friend, who you “sacrificed”, gets a message indicating that you feel that they are less important to you than a Whopper.

Thanks BK and Facebook!  I can only imagine the legion of scorned exes and fairweather friends which are making burger lovers’ life a living hell today.

Original Post: WHOPPER® SACRIFICE – Sacrifice 10 friends from Facebook for a free WHOPPER®

Billy Mays…REMIXED

Alright internet, I hear you loud and clear. 

You’re loving on Vince, the bizarrely laid back pitchman behind Shamwow and the Slap Chop.

But me, I remember the pitchman that let us all fall back in love with TV ads…Billy Mays.

With his jet black hair, his 3-pack-a-day voice, and constant yelling…he made you want these amazing products EVERY TIME.

And now, he’s gettin’ gangsta. Check check it by clicking play above.

Original Post:YouTube – billy mays gangsta remix

GHOSTSPY: A Look Into Ghostbusters 3?

Chalk this up to “viral marketing”…

Word is spreading fast around the internet about a website that hints at being an inside look into the production and filming of GHOSTBUSTERS 3.

Bit of an issue with that, though.

While word came out earlier this year that Ghostbusters 3 was greenlit and heading into scripting, there have been no announcements about anything further.

So what is this site?  Like I said, most likely, viral marketing…

Maybe it’s for the Ghostbusters game. Maybe it’s for the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray coming out this June.  Maybe it will eventually be for Ghostbusters 3.

All I can say is…click the link, look at the footage (still on YouTube…how odd), and choose for yourself.

Original Post: GHOSTSPY