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Does Red=Blue?


Over the past few months, the interweb has been abuzz over the next Weezer album, due this summer.

After becoming internet darlings after the release of Pinkerton, Weezer has had a dedicated fanbase that has been outspoken towards the changes in their sound featured in the albums since, the 2001 self titled release (nicknamed ‘The Green Album’), 2002’s Maladroit, and 2005’s Make Believe, an album that many thought was a return to form.

However, word started to leak that this next release was to be the album fans have been waiting over a decade for.  Named Weezer once again (nicknamed “The Red Album”) , fans have been foaming at the mouth for something, anything to leak.

Thank Amazon, kids. A sample of the first single, “Pork And Beans” is available here.

…is that the Blue album I hear? One can only hope.

Weezer (2007), aka The Red Album, is due this June.

Coloring Your World With Awesome


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Crayola 64 Box of Crayons, the crayon manufacturer went to poll the kids to create new names for 8 colors.

Suffice to say, I continue to fear for today’s youth.

Here’s the list of new colors, with the old names parenthetically notated.

  • Awesome (Wild Watermelon)
  • Super Happy (Laser Lemon)
  • Fun in the Sun (Wild Tangerine)
  • Giving Tree (Screamin’ Green)
  • Bear Hug (Beaver)
  • Happy Ever After (Turquoise Blue)
  • Famous (Hot Magenta)
  • Best Friends (Orchid)

Famous? BEST FRIENDS? These are considered color descriptions?  I long for the days of red-orange.

THIS Is Goku?

The first shot of Justin Chatwin as Goku in the forthcoming Dragonball hit the web this week…



Look, I had my early teenage period where I, like most males, enjoyed Dragonball, but if you mean to tell me this High School Musical reject is supposed to be the most powerful fighter ever, or what ever the hell he is, you’ve got another thing coming, Fox.

I also love the fact that they presume this flick is going straight to a trilogy, and are leaving the sets built in Mexico up ‘just in case’.

Stephen Chow production or not, you’ll be lucky if this PoS makes it a week in theaters.  Sorry film goers, but I might go to this one just to mock it.

Dragonball sets to ruin screens in April 2009 (pushed off from an August 2008 release date).

At Least It’s Catchy

One of the things that stands out most about Lost is its rather stark opening sequence.

What if JJ Abrams decided to go all 90’s and give the series a sweet theme?

It’d look something like…..


Monthly Music Mix: April 2008

Ready to rock your April, here’s 11 tracks (42 minutes) of musical goodness from my iPod for you to enjoy!

Click the graphic above for the download.

Here’s the track list.

  1. “Sore” by Annuals
  2. “Smoke & Mirrors” by The Casket Lottery
  3. “Milk Crisis” by The Go! Team
  4. “Hallelujah” by The Helio Sequence
  5. “Phages” by The Most Serene Republic
  6. “Five on the Five” by The Raconteurs
  7. “Between the Worlds” by Sunfold
  8. “In A Cave” by Tokyo Police Club
  9. “Walcott” by Vampire Weekend
  10. “The Vowels Pt. 2” by Why?
  11. “Warning” by Wye Oak

Enjoy, gang! Let me know what you think in the comments!