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It’s Saturday Morning 24/7 At Jaroo!


I’m amazed Hulu weren’t the first one who jumped on this bandwagon, but launching this week is the latest in many a free video-streaming site, the strangely titled

What’s their gimmick you ask? Jaroo is built around being a hub for streamable cartoons and other child-aged media.  Thus far they have about 50 shows up, including classics like Inspector Gadget and Captain N & The Game Masters and even some obscure series like Starcom and yes, Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad.

It’s a promising start for the site, but honestly, I think they’re gonna have to grab some content from say, Hanna Barbera, Warner Brothers or Nickelodeon to really grab eyeballs.

Either way though, instant watch Inspector Gadget sounds AWESOME.

Original Post:  Jaroo.

An Alternate Reality Scooby Doo I Could Dig

Secret admission time.

Growing up, I never really liked Scooby Doo. Aside from finding Velma all sorts of adorable (my nerdy girl crush started young), I never really got into the cartoon proper, at least until A Pup Named Scooby Doo aired.

Thanks to Flickr user “Dr. Monster” though, I’ve found a version of Scooby Doo I’d be down with.

With an even hotter version of Velma riding across a zombie apocalypse in her Misery Machine killing zombies along with her trusty dog, it’s the type of stuff nerd boners are made of. And maybe regular ones, too.

Click the image for a larger version.

Halloween Tip: NO EWOKS

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A guilty pleasure of mine as of late is watching NBC’s Today before I leave for work.

What once was a great morning show now seems like a way to fill hours in the most surreal way.  Willard Scott wishing people a happy 100th and Al Roker throwin’ it to your local weather man aren’t enough, so they’ve started to pad the already too-long four hour broadcast with lifestyle segments, such as Matt Lauer playing beer pong with George Wendt.

This morning, I apparently made the poor choice of leaving early.

The Today show team was dressed as Star Wars cast members, and someone let drunken Ewoks loose. Really.

Click play to see Al Roker get humped by Ewoks, and a Darth Vader-dressed Ann Curry tell off one of their furry friends to stay away from the booze. Wow.

Original Post: LOL: Drunk Ewoks Ruin Today Show Halloween Segment | /Film.

It’s A New Ted Leo Track!

The older I get, the more picky I find myself getting with music.

I’m not sure if the overall quality of music has dropped over the years, or my tastes have become more discriminating, but instead of reaching out for what’s new and different, I tend to find myself coming back to some old favorites, and following their every move.

One of those artists is Ted Leo. Whether solo or with his backing band the Pharmacists, Ted mixes just enough punk bravado with the ability to write one heck of a catchy hook. And honestly, I don’t think there’s a single album of his that I don’t love.

So, of course, with his new album coming next year, I’m quite excited to see what he’s got cooking. Which brings us to the above video!

This past week during the CMJ Music Festival in NYC, Ted did a solo acoustic set, where he played some classics, along with new songs.  One such new song is “One Polaroid A Day”, and I think it’s the perfect way for you to start your Thursday morning.

Click play, and enjoy. I know I did.

Original Post:  Ted Leo @ CMJ: One Polaroid a Day.