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A Blast From The Past: MARVEL MANIA Restaurant Menu

With Marvel now being owned by Disney, fanboys everywhere are wondering if the Mouse House will end up exploiting the Marvel license in ways unseen.

Seems they have a limited memory though, as Marvel has always pushed their name on anything they could, and between the glorious years of 1998 and 2000, this included a short lived restaurant, called Marvel Mania.

Over at Comic Book Resourced, they’ve uncovered the menu for the Universal City based restaurant, and it’s full of terrible comic puns, as you’d expect.

It featured appetizers like Gambit’s Ragin’ Cajun Quesadillas, entrees like Archangel Hair Pasta and Doc Ock’s Wok stir fry, but the real draw had to be the desert known as THE GALACTUS.

The Galactus, surely a destroyer of worlds, is described as such:

You’ll need to be the devourer of worlds to tackle this titan.  Twelve scoops of ice cream topped with marshmallow, hot fudge, raspberry and caramel sauce; nuts, cherries and whipped cream.  A titanic treat, perfect for any party or Super Hero family.

All that could’ve been yours for just $35.

Honestly, reading over this menu has me hoping another Marvel themed restaurant in the works.  At the least, we get a new awesomely illustrated menu!  Click through the link below for more of a look at the restaurant, including photos of the Mark Bagley illustrated menu.

Original Post: | Found In The Closet – Marvel Mania Hollywood Menu!CBR Live! @ Comic Book Resources.

So How’s The Script For PREDATORS Comin’ Along?


Remember that kind of awesome sounding Predator reboot to be helmed by Robert Rodriguez, Predators?

Well, the gang at Latino Review (who seem to be getting many an exclusive lately) got a hold of what seems to be the shooting script for the flick, and posted a video review of it (linked below, full of spoilers of course).

How does it sound? Pretty awesome.

The script revolves around an Inglorious Basterds-esq crew of rag tag soldiers dropped onto an alien jungle planet, the intent being to hunt the alien species on that planet.

I’m sure you can guess that the aliens are the Predators, and the soliders end up not being the hunters…but the hunted!

In addition to the normal predators, we’ll also see advanced subspecies of the classic weird-mouthed aliens, including what is described as a “Super Black Predator”.

All and all, the flick sounds like a super fun, hard-R, bloody romp in the jungle, and I can think of no one better to oversee such a flim than Rodriguez. At least it will be better than Shorts. I hope.

Original Post: News: Exclusive: First Look At Robert Rodriguez’s Predators!! | Latino Review.

Eat the Dark Side Of The Sushi With These LIGHTSABER Chopsticks!

Just when you think they’ve made every possible bit of Star Wars Merchandise, the Japanese go and surprise you.

Created by master toy makers Kotobukiya, these Lightsaber Chopsticks come in both Darth Vader (linked below) and Luke Skywalker varieties, and to get the whole family in the act, each set of 9″ chopsticks comes with an additional pair of 8″ Yoda lightsaber chopsticks for the kids.

They’re available for pre-order now, at just $20 a pair.  I’m not gonna say too much, but a certain blogger’s birthday is coming up, and between these links and that Amazon Wish List on the right…

Yeah, you get the idea. 🙂

Original Post:   KOTOBUKIYA – Manufacturer of science fiction, comic, manga, movie and video games collectible figures Japan – STAR WARS :: LIGHRSABER CHOPSTICKS :: PRE-ORDER : STAR WARS LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKS SET -YODA & DARTH VADER-.