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Get it? Cause if you change a letter, it goes from Last Supper to Lost Supper…heh heh…heh…heh…

ANYWAY!  As the hype continues to build to the premier of the final season of Lost next month, the fine folks at Casa de Abrams are teasing us each way they can.

The latest image, taken from the pages of Us Weekly, is an homage to a rather well known painting which you may’ve seen before.

While this isn’t the first time a nerd show has grabbed eyeballs using this holy meal as a way to promote their final season, you have to wonder if there’s any relevance to the final season, or if it’s just a provocative image.  Unless Locke really is Christ.

Source:  What Clues Are Hidden In The Lost Supper? – Lost – io9.

Gallery 1988 Continues With the Awesome – He Man Style!

It seems almost every show from Gallery 1988 is getting it’s weight in press from the nerd blogs.

And their latest show, Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is certainly no different.

Shamelessly devoting their unique eyes to one of the greatest and most iconic cartoons of the 1980s, this show features 100 different artist’s unique takes on the He-Man franchise.

The show runs Friday January 8th-Friday January 29th, and once again has left me wishing that I lived in LA. Between Gallery 1988 and the UCB Theater, my geek culture quotient would be through the roof – and hey, I’d leave the house more often.

I’ve included one of my favorite pieces above (a fantastic mashup of two great 80s icons) , but click here to visit Gallery 1988’s blog to see more!

Source:  TOYSREVILs I LIKE TOYS: Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe @ Gallery1988 LA Jan 8-29.

MY POOR WALLET: Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette

Way back in the Summer of 2008, Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog took the hearts of many a nerd across the internet (including myself).  An original program just for the internet, it took off like wildfire.

Since then, the popularity of the 3-part mini series has grown and grown, including the merchandising opportunities.  There was the DVD. Then the soundtrack (it was a musical after all). Then T-Shirts. And tie-in comics from Dark Horse!

But there has yet to be figures of any type.

Until now.

The fine folks at Quantum Mechanix have decided to continued their line of super stylish animated style maquettes, now with their interpretation of Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible.  It looks pretty amazing, and is due for release in February, but I must warn…at $70, it’s not your standard figurine.

Source: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Animated Maquette – Quantum Mechanix – Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog – Statues at Entertainment Earth.

Rich Sommer & Paul F. Tompkins present SKETCH OF THE DEAD!

Sketch Of The Dead

What happens when you mix one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite TV shows along with one of my favorite standup comedians, along with one of my favorite horror themes?

You get Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and Paul F. Tompkins as they attempt to make their way through a zombie apocalypse in the above fantastic video called Sketch of the Dead!

Like Shaun of the Dead, Sketch of the Dead explores what to do when your own friend becomes a zombie – but to hilarious consequences.

Click play, and enjoy.

Source: Shooting Your Best Friend’s Zombie: The Ultimate Dilemma (VIDEO).

Dream Casting Becomes a Nightmare: Nic Cage AS EVERYONE

As brought to my attention by my internet brother from another mother, Ross Nover, this may be the most bizarre, surreal and downright hilarious website I’ve ever seen.

The name is the concept, and the concept is golden.

People of the web, I give you – Nic Cage as Everyone.

Seriously, the image of Nicolas Cage as…well…everyone ever may be scarring, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t funny. I hope this makes your day.

Source: Nic Cage as Everyone.