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Going From Judd Apatow To Michael Bay: Not A Good Move

I’m going to buck the trend of the interweb and say…I really didn’t mind Transformers.

Sure, it was a stupid movie. Sure, Michael Bay shot it like it was a bad music video. And sure, the human parts sucked ass.

But I liked seeing shiny robots wreck shit.

Anywhosle, after Transformers made something like $14 Billion, they’re working on Transformers 2.

Who are they apparently courting to star?

Why it’s Superbad and Knocked Up star Jonah Hill!


Talk about an odd choice.  Unless he and Optimus Prime are shooting cock jokes back and forth for an hour.  In which case, reserve me a seat, FANDANGO!

I Heart My Mummy

Let’s lay it out there….1998’s The Mummy? I dug it.  Fun lil’ Indiana Jones-lite adventure starring the bizarrely charismatic Brendan Frasier.  The Mummy Returns? Never saw it.  The Scorpion King? Kind of ashamed to admit it, but it was a fun movie…besides, I kinda have a soft spot for Dwayne.

But now, 8 years later, we’re seeing a 3rd Mummy flick…this time, with Jet Li!

Will it be any good?  Not really sure.

But it’s poster sure is cool!


Smart move to be the tentpole flick for August, too. Less risk.  Guess we’ll see how it pans out on August 1st.

Podcast Episode 2!!!

We’re back for another week of rambling goodness, featuring special guest Ross Nover!

Click here for this weeks episode of The Untitled Podcast, now hosted at, complete with an iTunes subscription link, so you never miss an episode! Enjoy!

I Guess I Should Rename To Batman-O-Rama…

2 MORE Posters for The Dark Knight!

These posters originally leaked yesterday, but as their authenticity were in question, I declined to post them. Now they’ve showed up on Yahoo!Films, so I figure they’ve got to be real.

Firstly, a horizontal poster with the 3 major characters of the film.


Secondly, a poster that can be described only as Fuck Yeah!



The Dark Knight marketing game, also known as Why So Serious? continued last night with some very interesting results.

The latest game, linked to in the last update I posted in regards to the ARG, featured groups of people gathering near movie theaters in cities such as New York, Chicago, London and Philadelphia, where they were then shown the 3rd trailer for the July releasing Bat flick.

Concurrently, those of us playing at home, were given a duck shooting gallery, which when the order of ducks were converted to binary, lead to another site.

In either case, the trailer was released for both groups….with a catch.

For those in theaters? One lucky fan from each group was given a film canister containing the actual trailer!

However, if this post is any indication, it seems someone got to the film first…


More photos of that are available on the linked blog.

For those at home? The trailer will be viewable on this site come Sunday (an image of which is below). I figure the same trailer will be attached to Iron Man this weekend, hence the delay.


So unless some intrepid fans scan the Jokerized trailer (which could be really cool), I suppose we’ll have to wait until Sunday.


Or right NOW thanks to the magic of bootleggers and YouTube! Enjoy while it’s up!