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Apple and A24’s Next Project: BRIDE, Starring Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson to Star in ‘Bride’ for Apple, A24 – Variety:

Scarlett Johansson will produce and star in the science-fiction drama “Bride” for Apple and A24 from director Sebastián Lelio.

“Bride” follows a woman created to be an ideal wife — the singular obsession of a brilliant entrepreneur. When she rejects her creator, she’s forced to flee her confined existence, confronting a world that sees her as a monster. While on the run, she finds her true identity, her surprising power and the strength to remake herself as her own creation.

Johansson and Jonathan Lia will produce “Bride” through their company, These Pictures. Keenan Flynn will co-produce. Lauren Schuker Blum (“Orange Is the New Black”), Rebecca Angelo (“Wolfman”) and Lelio are on board to write the script.

So it’s a 21st century reinterpretation of The Bride of Frankenstein, and Scarlett Johansson isn’t playing Asian. Win-win.

Yet ANOTHER BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Reboot in the Works for the Big Screen

Simon Kinberg to Write, Produce ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie for Universal (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter:

The Cylons are on the march.

Simon Kinberg has signed on to write and produce Battlestar Galactica, Universal’s long-gestating feature adaptation of its sci-fi TV franchise.

Kinberg, who was the main architect of almost a decade’s worth of X-Men movies, now has a new franchise universe to work with and will be starting from the ground up in telling the tale of humans on faraway planets on the run from a race of intelligent machines bent on wiping them out.

He will join producer Dylan Clark, who has long shepherded the project, which has attracted filmmakers such as Bryan Singer and Francis Lawrence over the years.

Why not? I mean, the TV reboot is now 16 years old, having gone off the air 11 years ago.

At the same time…

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LEGO Unveils Stunning Sesame Street Set

LEGO Ideas 21324 Sesame Street N36EW 1

Step Up To The Brand-New LEGO® Ideas 123 Sesame Street – About us – US:

Voted for by LEGO brick lovers all over the world, a wonderfully nostalgic new LEGO Ideas set has been brought to life after being envisioned by an avid builder. The brand-new LEGO® Ideas 123 Sesame Street set is the latest product from the LEGO Ideas collection, which conceptualises and produces the creative wonders imagined and voted for by LEGO brick fans themselves.

Created with all the delightful elements of 123 Sesame Street, the new set is packed with authentic details from the famous New York City neighbourhood. From Bert and Ernie’s apartment, in which Bert famously pleaded with Ernie to remove a banana from his ear so he could hear better, to Big Bird’s nest, where the grown-ups finally met Mr. Snuffleupagus in person – builders will marvel in Sesame Street’s most memorable moments.

At a retail price of $120, this is clearly for the adult fans looking back at their childhood, but I can say for sure, this set would’ve blown my mind as a child.

LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street arrives on November 1, 2020.

BBC’s STAGED Gets Season 2, Adds Ben Schwartz to Cast

‘Staged’: BBC Renews David Tennant & Michael Sheen Lockdown Comedy – Deadline:

The BBC has commissioned a second season of Staged, the lockdown comedy starring Good Omens actors David Tennant and Michael Sheen that secured pick-up from Hulu in the U.S.

The first season of the Infinity Hill, GCB Films and No Mystery-produced show featured Tennant and Sheen mounting Zoom rehearsals for their furloughed West End theatre production during the pandemic.

Season 2 sees the pair attempt to navigate the world of “virtual Hollywood” while keeping their increasingly fragile egos intact. Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz joins the cast as an assistant to their American agent.

Hey! A new season of a show featuring two of my favorite people, NOW featuring a third of my favorite people!


Now I just need to watch the first dang season on Hulu.

Let’s All Move on From The Chris Thing, Yeah?

Is Chris Pratt the Worst Chris? We Do Not Care.

Schwarzenegger is right, actually: The Chris discourse really is “so yesterday.” Maybe there was a time when the “worst Chris” conversation was necessary, but we are well past that moment. A decade ago, we were in the early throes of the Marvel-fication of Hollywood, a shift that forever changed tentpoles. Two Chris vehicles — Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger — were both released in 2011; Avengers would follow the next year, weaving them together and nailing down the MCU’s serialized, intertwining approach to its blockbusters. Many critics felt that this almost television-inspired approach to moviemaking led to a certain, numbing sameness, structurally and aesthetically.

That so many of these Marvel movies — as well as parallel hits at the time like J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot — were fronted by similar-looking buff boys named Chris was a perfect encapsulation of our fascination and unease with this changing movie landscape. The Chriscourse was a way to point it all out and process it. Fast-forward and films like Black Panther and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse have made the term “Marvel movie” far less white and homogenous than what the Chrises once symbolized.

The discourse was once a useful rhetorical tool for processing what movies looked like; now they no longer serve that function, particularly in a year when there aren’t even any Marvel movies at all. To continue to fixate on these four bland vanilla wafers is to perpetuate their centrality in Hollywood, and I, for one, would really rather not.

I’d be glad for all of us to just move on.

The whole “one’s gotta go!” Twitter trend sucks anyway.