Michael B. Jordan Goes Big, Set To Launch CREED-Verse with Amazon + MGM


Creed already broke ground for Amazon with the latest installment in the MGM movie franchise, Creed III, racking up a $100M+ global opening and setting a box office record for the tech giant. Now Creed could spawn an Amazon universe spanning both film and TV. There have been meetings with franchise star and filmmaker Michael B. Jordan about various Creed-related projects for the past year, sources said. The plans for the scope of the universe have gotten bolder in the wake of Creed III’s big debut. Reps for Amazon and Jordan declined comment.

Details are sketchy because some of the conversations are still in exploratory stages but we hear that an anime series connected to the Rocky spinoff IP is in the works, and there are ideas for a companion live-action TV series. Also percolating is a potential project centering around Adonis Creed’s daughter, Amara, who was played by deaf actress Mila Davis-Kent in Creed III, making her film acting debut.

A few quick thoughts on this one.

  • Hats off to Michael B. Jordan. Dude is completely in control of his destiny in Hollywood, and those who can pull that off, let alone make a movie out of doing so, are few and far between.
  • I’ve not yet seen Creed 3 (AMC A-List aside, I’ve been sick), but I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it a lot. And these projects could be good also…BUT
  • I think I’m sick of new -Verses. Why can’t the movies just be the movies? Why did we need to keep digging this well?

I mean, this is the same day where Bob Iger’s literally saying “hey, maybe less Marvel sequels“…so what makes this teflon?