Over two decades ago, Battle Chasers—Joe Madureira’s “arcane punk” adventure series known for its languid release pacing—came to an end on a cliffhanger fans never got to see the conclusion of. Now, at long last, Madureira is finally delivering it.

io9 can exclusively confirm that Battle Chasers #10 will complete its long, long road to publication this June, setting off a new story arc for the fantasy series. Having hopped from Wildstorm in the late ‘90s, Image—which, three years ago, published an anthology of the first nine issues of the series that has gone to multiple reprints—will release the series, with Ludo Lullabi joining the book on art.

Talk about an unreal, completely unexpected announcement from the world of comics.

I adored Battle Chasers, as an anime-obsessed teen who loved Joe Mad’s run on Uncanny X-Men. The idea that the comic is picking back up 22 years later is something I never thought to occur, especially since the RPG video game seemed to be the proper destination for the tale.

I’ve no idea if this will be good, but at the least, I’m intrigued!