That Marvel Ultimate Universe You Like, It’s Going To Come Back In Style

Ultimate Marvel changed everything. Launched in 2000, the comics imprint from the major superhero publisher reimagined iconic characters like Spider-Man and the X-Men as if they had been freshly invented at the dawn of the 21st century. The goal was to energize readers who might be intimidated by decades of publication history, and it succeeded. In particular, artist Bryan Hitch’s work with writer Mark Millar on The Ultimates made the Avengers cool and provided a useful blueprint for the eventual Marvel Cinematic Universe (from inventing the Chitauri aliens to drawing Nick Fury to look like Samuel L. Jackson). More than a decade later, writer Jonathan Hickman brought the Ultimate Marvel universe to an end with Secret Wars.

Now, EW can exclusively reveal that Hickman and Hitch are teaming up for a new comic series, Ultimate Invasion, which will feature elements from the Ultimate Marvel universe. The Maker (an alternate version of Reed Richards) and Miles Morales (perhaps Ultimate Marvel’s most important original character, though he wasn’t created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli until 2011) are both set to play major roles in the story.

I can’t say I had “Marvel Brings Back The Ultimate Universe”, on my bingo card, even what might be a one-off event?

Though, this line sounds ominous…

When Hickman departed X-Men comics with 2021’s Inferno event, he told EW that Marvel had “an expectation for me to write bigger books that have a wider reach than” regular monthly ongoing comics. His tease that Ultimate Invasion will involve “a new way of thinking about and enjoying” Marvel comics seems to fit that bill.