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A Collection of Recreated Classic Marvel Comics Title Logos

Reagan Ray:

I just started getting into comic books for the first time a few years ago. My son was interested as well, so we started making regular trips to the comic book store (pre-covid, of course). We loved looking at the artwork and lettering of the older comics. And like most lettering, right around the late 90s, it all went to shit. The hand-lettering masterpieces were abandoned for fonts and photoshop effects. With that said, I limited this post to the pre-’00s. I wanted to do something more vintage, but there are just too many from the 80s and 90s that I love. My absolute favorite was seeing all the interpretations of 3D type.

I love these so much, and as I commented to my friend Ross, Disney could just throw each one of these logos as rendered on a shirt with the same color, and I’d have a drawer full of them within minutes of them being purchasable.