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Sony Pictures Makes a Streaming Pact with Netflix


Netflix has emerged the winner of a nearly two-year auction for the exclusive U.S. rights to stream Sony Pictures’ theatrical releases in the first pay TV window starting with the studio’s 2022 slate.

Netflix has also set a first-look agreement with Sony for all of the studio’s original movies produced for the direct-to-streaming market. That deal also requires Netflix to commit to a certain number of titles from the studio, but it doesn’t stop Sony from selling direct-to-streaming titles to Netflix’s rivals. And Netflix will license an unspecified number of older titles from Sony’s movie vault.

So, if I have the big studios all figured out, the way of the land is/will be…

  • Fox / Searchlight: Hulu
  • Disney: Disney+
  • Paramount: Amazon Prime for now, Paramount+ soon
  • Sony Pictures: Netflix
  • Universal: HBO for now, possibly Peacock soon
  • Warner Bros.: HBO Max

So, where will Lionsgate and MGM take their movies?