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Whoa! A Super High Quality Capture of Daft Punk’s 2007 Lollapalooza Performance

love Daft Punk. And because of that, Alive 2007 is one of my favorite live albums of all time, an incredible mashup of all their music recorded prior.

Really, for me, one of the biggest bummers was that they didn’t also do a proper DVD or Blu-Ray release of the set.

On the tour for Alive 2007, the robots made a stop at Lollapalooza, in Chicago, IL. Earlier this month, someone (YouTube user Johnny Airbag) uploaded the RAW satellite footage from the show, which was used on the screens inside the venue.

Who would’ve thought this would ever surface, let alone 14 years later?

This source was shared w/ me by a tape trader friend after they saw the amateur 3-cam video of Daft Punk’s Vegoose 2007 set I made for this channel. In passing they mentioned they’d recorded a raw Daft Punk “webcast” feed at some point and offered to look for the disc. The video was captured via satellite during the event in 2007.

Amazing stuff.

Enjoy, I know I will.