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WarnerMedia has CLEARLY Learned Nothing From Their DC Comics Movie Success

Managing Movie Superheroes Is About to Get a Lot More Complicated – The New York Times:

As the president of DC Films, however, Mr. Hamada, 52, manages the movie careers of Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, the Flash, Superman and every other DC Comics superhero. And the new course he has charted for them is dizzying.

The most expensive DC movies (up to four a year, starting in 2022) are designed for release in theaters, Mr. Hamada said. Additional superhero films (two annually is the goal, perhaps focused on riskier characters like Batgirl and Static Shock) will arrive exclusively on HBO Max, the fledgling streaming service owned by WarnerMedia.

In addition, DC Films, which is part of Warner Bros., will work with filmmakers to develop movie offshoots — TV series that will run on HBO Max and interconnect with their big-screen endeavors.

So, 6 movies a year along with TV spin-offs is the goal.

Meanwhile, Marvel is arguably going “too big” with 3 movies and 3 TV shows a year.

Good luck, gang. If Wonder Woman 1984 was any indication, you need a lot more “no guys” on your staff than “yes men”.