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LEGO Unveils Stunning Sesame Street Set

LEGO Ideas 21324 Sesame Street N36EW 1

Step Up To The Brand-New LEGO® Ideas 123 Sesame Street – About us – US:

Voted for by LEGO brick lovers all over the world, a wonderfully nostalgic new LEGO Ideas set has been brought to life after being envisioned by an avid builder. The brand-new LEGO® Ideas 123 Sesame Street set is the latest product from the LEGO Ideas collection, which conceptualises and produces the creative wonders imagined and voted for by LEGO brick fans themselves.

Created with all the delightful elements of 123 Sesame Street, the new set is packed with authentic details from the famous New York City neighbourhood. From Bert and Ernie’s apartment, in which Bert famously pleaded with Ernie to remove a banana from his ear so he could hear better, to Big Bird’s nest, where the grown-ups finally met Mr. Snuffleupagus in person – builders will marvel in Sesame Street’s most memorable moments.

At a retail price of $120, this is clearly for the adult fans looking back at their childhood, but I can say for sure, this set would’ve blown my mind as a child.

LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street arrives on November 1, 2020.