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Quibi! You Just Lost $2 Billion of People’s Money on a Flawed Idea! How Are You Gonna Spin It Now?

Quibi Shutdown: Jeffrey Katzenberg & Meg Whitman Exclu Q&A On Closing Up – Deadline:

DEADLINE: In these hard times…

KATZENBERG: Well, yes and I think the big question will always be was it that the idea of a standalone streaming premium short form platform wouldn’t work, or is it that we got caught in a pandemic?

DEADLINE: What do you think?

KATZENBERG: I think Meg and I are agreed that it’s probably a mix of those two things, it’s some of each. We are not solely a victim of COVID but for sure it had a pretty extreme impact on how we conceived and launched the business.

No, Jeff. It never was COVID.

It was a dude who hasn’t done anything new in nearly 30 years, and his partner CEO who doesn’t watch TV trying to reinvent TV. The poison was already in the wound. COVID just killed you quicker.