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Mondo Drops an Amazing SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD Poster, with A Truly Clever Inspiration


It’s been ten years (TEN!) since writer/director Edgar Wright KO’ed us with his live-action adaptation of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. In that time, we haven’t been shy about how much love we have for this precious little movie. Watching it gives us the feeling of doing drugs. Not that we do drugs. Unless Ramona Flowers does drugs, in which case we do them all the time.

Truly though, what Edgar was able to do with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series of graphic novels is nothing short of a pop culture tour de force. From its completely stacked cast, Edgar’s and Michael Bacall’s brilliant script, Bill Pope’s kinetic cinematography… it all comes together in a film that can now be considered a timeless genre classic.

All that’s to say we’re impossibly excited to have a new poster for SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD by Matt Ryan Tobin! Matty’s poster celebrates both the girl of Scott’s dreams, Ramona Flowers in her infinite radness, as well another pretty iconic staple of pop culture with the initials “S.P.” This poster is available in three color variants, just like Ramona’s ever-changing hair. She dyes it every week and a half, dudes. Get used to it.

Here are the three hair color variants — Blue, Green and Pink — each limited to 108, and running $50.

Matt Ryan Tobin knocked this out of the park.

You can pick one up at’s The Drop tomorrow, September 10th, at 11am Central Time.

For those not familiar with the inspiration, it ties to a classic album from one of Scott Pilgrim’s favorite bands.