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Hasbro Unveils a 26-Inch, $350 Sentinel from X-Men Figure

David Brooke, AIPT!:

Hasbro’s Pulse Fan First Friday revealed on Facebook a much teased Sentinel action figure.

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Teased back in May, the Hasbro team revealed a giant-sized Sentinel figure which stands 26.3-inches tall. You can preorder it today. Careful on your wallet though as the Sentinel will cost you $349.99!

The Sentinel features an 18-inch Sentinel “tentacle” accessory and LED lights on the head and chest. The Sentinel also comes with a standard-sized Bastion action figure. The figure isn’t a done deal though as it must reach 6,000 sales to be made. Hasbro is giving fans 45 days to back the project.

This is the third major “HasLab” crowd-funded release for Hasbro, following Jabba’s Barge from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Unicron from Transformers.

If you want one, you can back it — and see all the details — here.