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MTV is Reviving ‘Clone High’!

Randall Colburn, The AV Club:

When Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse counted the existence of a Clone High movie among its many Easter eggs, we embraced it as a wistful ode to what could have been had MTV not axed the cult series in 2003. We were wrong.

While Clone High isn’t getting a movie, it is getting new episodes with original creators Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence working to “reimagine” it. Per a press release, Erica Rivinoja, previously of The Last Man On Earth, will serve as showrunner and pen the pilot episode alongside Lord and Miller.

It’s unclear how many episodes MTV is ordering, or when it might air. But the “updated version” of the series will continue to count Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and John F. Kennedy among its student body of cloned, horny historical figures.