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Lego Unveils ‘LEGO Art’, Mosaic Art Sets Intended for Adults, Featuring Iron Man, The Beatles and Marilyn Monroe

Dave Schefcik, The Brothers Brick:

LEGO has revealed an entirely new product line of mosaic sets featuring pop culture portraits called LEGO Art. The four initial sets revealed include Iron Man, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, and Star Wars Sith. Each of the adult-targeted sets contains an average of 3,250 pieces, a new brick separator, several new elements, an exclusive signature tile, and instructions and extra parts to build 3 or 4 different designs per set. Each set comes with a curated building soundtrack, and as an added bonus, three copies of either the Iron Man or Star Wars sets can be combined to make an “ultimate piece” triple the size of a single portrait.

Unsurprisingly, at roughly 3000 pieces each, these don’t come cheap, at about $120 USD.

You can click through the link above for more images and the full PR, but here are hero images of each set.

(Of note, in the case of the Warhol/Monroe and Beatles sets, each can be made for one of the four designs — to have all four, you need to buy four.)

LEGO Art arrives for purchase starting August 1, 2020.