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I Guess We’re Getting a ‘Twister’ Reboot?


Universal Pictures is looking to reboot the classic tentpole “Twister,” and looks to have found a director to weather the storm.

Sources tell Variety that Universal Pictures is developing a reboot of the 1996 blockbuster and is in negotiations with “Top Gun: Maverick” helmer Joseph Kosinski to direct.

Frank Marshall will produce the pic and the studio is currently meeting with writers to pen the script.

Plot details are vague on this latest version, but the original film starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, who play storm chasers and a couple on the brink of divorce. They team up to chase tornadoes in order to deliver their advance weather alert system that has to be placed in the path of the Twister.

Kosinski is a great choice, but I don’t understand why this can’t just be a new movie about a giant tornado? But then again, I’m an old who still “blogs”, so what do I know?