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Sounds Like Sony is Moving Forward with That ‘Madame Web’ Movie, With Director SJ Clarkson Developing


Though audiences will have to wait until 2021 for “Morbius” and “Venom 2” to hit the big screen, Sony Pictures is continuing to build up its slate of Marvel films. Veteran TV director S.J. Clarkson has signed on to develop the first female-centric movie from Sony’s catalog of Marvel characters, sources tell Variety.

While it’s unconfirmed at the time who the character at the center will be, insiders say there is a strong possibility that the film will be based on the Madame Web comic-book character.

In the comics, Madame Web is depicted as an elderly woman with myasthenia gravis and thus was connected to a life support system that looked like a spider web. Due to her age and medical condition, Madame Web never actively fought any villains. For that reason, sources have stressed it’s possible the project could turn into something else. The studio has a list of possible stars, such as Charlize Theron and Amy Adams, but stress that nobody has committed or even met to for the part yet.

Good luck with that one.