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Proving That Pestering People Non-Stop Works, Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Confirmed to Hit HBO Max in 2021

Borys Kit, The Hollywood Reporter:

So here, the morning after, was their agent saying that Toby Emmerich, chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures, was acknowledging the movement, and more importantly, was willing to accede. “This is real. People out there want it. Would you guys ever consider doing something?” was what Emmerich was asking.

The answer to Emmerich’s question, a whispered-about secret for months, was revealed Wednesday when Zack Snyder confirmed, at the end of an online screening of his 2013 movie, Man of Steel, that his version of Justice League was indeed real. And that it will be coming to HBO Max, the WarnerMedia digital streaming service launching May 27, and is expected to debut in 2021.

It is currently unclear what form Snyder’s Justice League will take. Whether it will be released as an almost four-hour director’s cut or split into six “chapters” has yet to be decided, but the Snyders are now in the midst of reassembling much of their original postproduction crew to score, cut, add new and finish old visual effects, and, yes, maybe bring back many of the actors to record additional dialogue.

On one hand…

  • Zack Snyder gets to finish the movie he started and had to abandon in one of the most painful moments of his life
  • The project will be delivered in a way where the film would be as dramatically different — either by length or formatting — from the prior release that it can and will exist on its own

On the other…

  • This means the wild, ever-yelling masses of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut weirdos have a victory in their belt, telling them their years of harassment, never-ending bellowing, obsessive behavior and downright surreal actions were completely and totally worth it

I sure hope we learn the right lessons from this, gang.

I don’t think we will.

I look forward to the calls to redo Star Wars: Episode VIII and IX and the final season of Game of Thrones getting rehashed, at length, again. Because as we all know, disappointment is something that only happens in life and can’t happen in Hollywood.