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BIG TIME ADOLESCENCE Trailer: Pete Davidson is the Big Brother You Never Had

Red Band Trailer

Much in the same vein of movies like Superbad, The Kings of Summer, Booksmart and countless others, we’ve got another modern “teen-comes-of-age” movie, but this time, Pete Davidson is the outrageous older “brother” for our lead.

Honestly, as cynical as that above bit sounds, I think Big Time Adolescence looks pretty good, and the word out of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival was pretty damn positive. I guess it’s just a bummer that in this day and age, an indie flick sorta just gets dumped onto a streaming service with little-to-no fanfare.

Either way, I’ll be watching it, if no one else does.

Big Time Adolescence hits Hulu on March 20, 2020.