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The First Trailer for Wes Anderson’s THE FRENCH DISPATCH Has Arrived

Wes Anderson does it again, with another movie which could not be more representative of his trademark look, feel, style, and mixture of casts.

Different aspect ratios, different stories, different levels of colors (or lack thereof), it all comes together to tell the tales from a fictional magazine, titled..of course, The French Dispatch.

What’s it about? The New Yorker (who also has a bunch of exclusive stills), describes it as such:

Wes Anderson’s new movie, “The French Dispatch,” which will open this summer, is about the doings of a fictional weekly magazine that looks an awful lot like—and was, in fact, inspired by—The New Yorker. The editor and writers of this fictional magazine, and the stories it publishes—three of which are dramatized in the film—are also loosely inspired by The New Yorker.Anderson has been a New Yorker devotee since he was a teen-ager, and has even amassed a vast collection of bound volumes of the magazine, going back to the nineteen-forties. That he has placed his fictional magazine in a made-up French metropolis (it’s called Ennui-sur-Blasé), at some point midway through the last century, only makes connecting the dots between “The French Dispatch” and The New Yorker that much more delightful.

Here, have a poster, too!

Poster for Wes Anderson's THE FRENCH DISPATCH

The French Dispatch hits theaters on June 24, 2020.