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A Very Cool Concept for Better iPad Multi-Tasking


The iPad’s primary appeal the last 10 years has been its resemblance to the iPhone. If you can use an iPhone, you can use an iPad – at least in most respects. Where that’s no longer true is multitasking.

I love the functionality enabled by iPad multitasking, but the current system is unnecessarily complex. I don’t believe the iPad should revert to its origins as a one-app-at-a-time device, but I know there’s a better way forward for multitasking.

My proposal for a new multitasking system employs a UI mechanic that already exists across both iPhone and iPad. Without losing any of iPadOS 13’s current functionality, it brings the iPad closer to its iPhone roots again and makes multitasking accessible for the masses.

There’s been a big debate about how multitasking is handled on the iPad, mostly stemming from this post by John Gruber, and as someone who works more-and-more from his iPad, I think the suggested revision here would be a brilliant step forward for iPadOS.