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There’s a LEGO FRIENDS (Like the TV Show) Set Coming For Some Reason

The Brothers Brick:

It’s been 25 years since the day Rachel entered the doors of the Central Perk Café dressed as a bride, kicking off the story of the six most famous friends in New York City. Recently, The LEGO Group has been doing an excellent job celebrating anniversaries of the most remarkable events (such as the moon landing) and the 25th anniversary of the US TV show Friends is yet another fantastic occasion for one special set, LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk. The model of the iconic coffee-house consists of 1,070 pieces and comes with 7 minifigures of the cast. The set will be available for purchase beginning September 1 and will retail for $59.99 US | $89.99 CAN | £64.99 UK.

The modern day, streaming based obsession with this show and The Office is so wild to me. I liked both shows just fine, but the current fervor behind both is weird.

The set itself is a big shrug to me – doesn’t look right, looking more like Cafe Nervosa from Fraiser – though the Gunther minifig is an unexpected addition.

(And I don’t get why people are like “WELL NOW THAT (SHOW) IS LEAVING NETFLIX, I HAVE TO GET (STREAMING SERVICE)”, I mean, iTunes and Amazon exist. You can buy these shows and own them forever, for a lot less than a recurring monthly commitment.)