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Bad News for DC Universe? SWAMP THING Production Suddenly Halted

Star News:

The locally filmed television series “Swamp Thing” has found itself bogged down by some unexpected news.

The currently in-production project is being shut down earlier than expected as its producer, Warner Bros., evaluates the future of its DC Universe streaming service, on which the series was scheduled to premiere May 31, according to several sources within the local industry.

Local crew members were notified of the unexpected development Tuesday night, and were told the project would wrap production on episode 10 and then halt as writers and producers rewrite an ending. Initially, the show was scheduled to film 13 episodes through May.


Now, I just signed up for DC Universe earlier this month with my personal focus being the comics, since they’re basically bringing everything up to date (with a year cut-off, a’la Marvel Unlimited’s 6-month cut off.)

I haven’t really touched too much of their original content, mostly focusing on the comics and episodes of the Batman animated series, but this is a bummer if WB is already looking into pulling the plug.