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SAGA Officially Confirmed to Run 108 Issues

In an Entertainment Weekly Article showcasing the cover of the first Saga Compendium, containing the first 54 issues…

“I love Fiona’s new cover, and I’m so proud that these first 54 issues and the last seven years of our work together will be available in one gorgeous and affordable package that you can either binge over a single long vacation, or slowly savor until our series returns. And Fiona and I are excited to finally share with everyone that this compendium represents the first half of our story, a planned 108-issue epic!” Vaughan tells EW. “We’re so grateful to our amazing readers for their support and patience, and we hope this compendium will be the perfect holiday gift to help introduce your loved ones to the continuing adventures of Hazel and her star-crossed family.”

I’m glad they have an ending to work toward!