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Radar State – Strays

Jim Suptic and Matt Pryor of the Get Up Kids. Josh Berwanger of the Anniversary. Adam Phillips of the Architects.

If you’re in your thirties, that mix of names has you very excited.

Appropriately so, they’ve formed sort of a third-wave emo supergroup, Radar State, and their debut LP, Strays, was released yesterday, January 11th, 2019.

I just listened to the album during my workout, and it’s just a straight-forward, no-nonsense kick-ass rock record.

It’s available for streaming now – I’ve embedded it below via Apple Music – and I definitely recommend it for the ex-emo kids in the crowd. Great stuff.

If you’re still the type to buy the physical album, you can do so online now, and hey! They’re on tour! Enjoy!