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Amazing Yamaguchi IRON MAN (Bleeding Edge Armor) Revoltech Figure Revealed (via Google Translate):

One person of Avengers’ Big 3 “Iron Man” finally appears in Amazing Yamaguchi!

The move expressing a supple human body who has repeatedly devised throughout the series is a composition that added a sense that it seemed to be a mechatz suit and seemed like it.

Metallic paint of bright red and gold complements the pose which is determined naturally and powerfully, including the three point landing which is the symbol of “Iron Man”.

In addition, Yamaguchi featuring “Iron Man Model 37” alias “Bleeding edge armor” from among the many armor that appeared in the comic.

I love how unbelievably, crazy, exaggeratedly ANIME this figure is.

I know there was a mid-2000’s attempt, but I’d really love a high budget Iron Man anime, with all the flying missiles and explosions that the finest animators can render.