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DC Comics has announced Heroes in Crisis, a project from star writer Tom King and star artist Clay Mann. The series will focus on Sanctuary, a mental health crisis center for the super-powered people of the DC Universe, then show what happens when it fails.

“I feel a duty to talk about what violence does to a society through the comics I’m creating,” King said in a press release, and it’s certainly a common theme in his work. Omega Men and Sheriff of Babylon dug into very different war-torn settings, while his Mister Miracle and Batman series both examine their main characters through the lens of trauma.

But for King, who is a former counterterrorism officer for the CIA, there’s more to the idea of normalizing superheroes who struggle — and want to help those that struggle — with mental health.

Interesting subject to explore for the DCU. I recommend that Tom King proceeds with the lightest of touches though. This could break bad.

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