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The All Female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Is Coming, With J-Law In Tow

In some news that has me very very excited, Warner Bros is apparently moving forward with an all-female relaunch of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise.

Much like the all woman Expendables film, such a movie has been rumored for some time, but according to The Tracking Board, not only is the movie happening, but it will result in a bit of an Ocean’s-verse, as the film will connect to the 2001-2007 George Clooney fronted Ocean’s trilogy.

This has me incredibly excited, as two of those films are some of my favorites ever, and the idea of the franchise getting a shot in the arm has me even more delighted.

Sayeth The Tracking Board, the film will be directed by The Hunger Games director Gary Ross, and will not only feature Sandra Bullock as Danny Ocean’s sister, but will be getting the major star power of Jennifer Lawrence.

What can I say – I’m totally, completely in. Now to see if the internet revolts against it a’la this Summer’s Ghostbusters relaunch!