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Daily Blast: September 5, 2014


Hello and Happy Friday, folks! I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as I am! Baltimore Comic-Con is here this weekend, so I’ll be covering that (look for my thoughts from the floor on Sunday), but before we get there…

It’s time for a Daily Blast! This is a big one today, and our first written with WordPress 4.0! Which reminds me, it’s time to find a more permanent skin for this site…

In today’s edition:

  • Destiny goes live action
  • More tech news than usual!
  • KFC Japan is frying up…computer accessories?

At the top of the post: These beautiful Star Wars prints come from artist Matt Ferguson, and are being offered as a timed release by Bottleneck Art Gallery. Buy them before 11:59pm on Sunday, September 7th, and they are yours!



– San Francisco’s Spoke Art is putting on a VERY cool looking Stanley Kubrick themed art show, titled – simply – “Kubrick”, starting September 6th.


– Katniss sure is looking dark and ready for war in her own poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

– I am all about Starring Adam West, a documentary about the legendary Batman star.


– Oh wow – the fantastic PlayStation 2 game Shadow of the Colossus is moving forward as a film at Sony, directed by Andres Muschietti (Mama). If done properly, this will be absolutely amazing.

– I’m still not sure about Horrible Bosses 2. What say you, dear readers?



If rumors are trueSupergirl will be the next DC Comics property to make the leap from the comic page to the small screen.


The Simpsons is going crossover crazy this Fall. We’ve got the Family Guy crossover to kick off the season, but November brings “Simpsorama”, colliding the worlds of The Simpsons and the too-good-for-this-world Futurama.


– This stunning live-action trailer for Destiny comes from director Joseph Kosinski, of Tron Legacy and Oblivion fame, proving again – the dude makes pretty sci-fi.


– Guess what? If you buy an Xbox One between September 7th and the 13th, you get one game – any game – free.

– I sure hope this trailer for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby sure gets you hyped to replay the same game again!


– Little Big Planet gets a free-to-play endless runner when Run SackBoy! Run! hits PS Vita, iOS and Android in October.

– The teaser trailer for Resident Evil Revelations 2 is really freaking weird.


– Fireproof Games has announced that The Room Three, the third installment in the popular iOS puzzle game series, will hit in Spring 2015.

– As we look forward to Bungie’s Destiny on Tuesday, lets look back at the game that put them on the map, Halo, as it appeared when announced – as a Mac exclusive! – in 1999.



– As all the big guys lay out their new phones ahead of Apple’s press conference on Tuesday, behold Microsoft’s new Lumia 830 and 730, which are all about takin’ photos!


– For all the eccentric millionaires reading Blast-O-Rama, I’ve found your new TV – Samsung’s 105-inch UHD TV, which BENDS. Who needs a curved TV?


– Dyson says “SUCK IT, ROOMBA” with their first Robot Vacuum, titled the “360 Eye”.


Sennheiser’s going for the Beats market with their beautiful looking new Urbanite headphone series. They run about $260-$330, but damn if they aren’t stylish.



Marvel is producing the first Miracleman stories in over twenty years, with December’s Miracleman Annual #1, featuring a “lost” story by Grant Morrison and Joe Quesada, and a new story by the X-Statix team of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred.


– Gail Simone (Batgirl) returns to the world of Catman with a new Secret Six series for DC Comics, launching in December. This marks the official return of the Secret Six, since DC’s “New 52” reboot in 2011.


– In case you – like me – were looking forward to Marvel’s “Spider-Verse” event, bringing together every Spider-Man variant ever, get ready for a lot of reading, now that the official checklist is out. And this doesn’t even include the awesome looking Edge of Spider-Verse series.



– It costs hundreds of dollars, but the new DeLorean Time Machine from Hot Toys is pure nerd perfection.


These Funko Pop! X-Men figures look amazing! How had Cyclops, Storm or Professor X never been made before?!


– More Funko radness, as – of all things – Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox will be getting figures in Funko’s Legacy Line.


– “minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix].” That’s the name of the first Aphex Twin release off of Syro, the electronic music maven’s first release in 13 years.



– I considered putting this under tech, but…I think we all know where this belongs. KFC Japan is now in the computer accessory trade, giving away fried chicken mouses, fried chicken USB drives, and this amazing fried chicken keyboard (above).


– Yep, more Japan weirdness. Take in the beautiful, Purple Sweet Potato Milkshake, coming to McDonald’s Japan later this month.

See you back here on Monday!