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Daily Blast: August 5th, 2014


A good Tuesday to you! Hope you and yours are doing well this fine day.

As always, I’ve sailed the unruly seas of nerdy news to bring you the bits you need to know for the best damn daily roundup there is, the Daily Blast.

On the docket today: Bioshock‘s going small, Resident Evil is getting more pretty, we’ve got the best gift for the Hulkamaniac in your life, True Detective Season 2 is heating up, and so so much more! Grab your gun! IT’S GO TIME!

At the top of the post: That awesome Voltron poster comes from the digital pen of the always colorful Signalnoise, who will be releasing it as a collaboration with Acidfree Gallery this Friday. You know you want one.


– I’m pretty sure they missed some, but MTV did an admirable job of compiling the Easter Eggs found in every Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date (minus Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, of course).


– has a long (kind of rambling) update on the Spider-Man franchise over at Sony. It sounds like we’ll be getting a female lead film (Spider-Woman? Black Cat?), and in something to make the kids of the 1990’s stoked – the Venom film is currently titled Venom Carnage.


– I’m iffy on modern Tim Burton films, but with Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz as the leads, I kinda have to see Big Eyes, right?


– Having started the Mondo poster empire and owning the coolest movie theaters on Earth, it only makes sense that the Alamo Drafthouse is now getting into the mural game, right?


– Your latest Studio Ghibli rumor – Gaming and online video company Dwango is looking to purchase the company. We’ll see if any of these stories pan out.



– The second season of HBO’s True Detective is getting closer, and in turn we’re getting some more casting rumors. In addition to last month’s Colin Farrell rumors, word is we may see Vince Vaughn join the show, alongside Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss.


– Just a bit past the film’s 10th Anniversary, Nickelodeon has given a direct-to-series order for a show based on the Jack Black film School of Rock. Apparently a broadway musical (BY ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER!) is coming as well. I’ve always considered that movie a guilty pleasure, but…damn.


– I’ve never enjoyed the show, but I found myself intensely fascinated with the contract negotiations with the three lead stars of The Big Bang Theory. Apparently Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki (who will always be David from Roseanne to me) will be making $90 Million each for three more seasons of the “geek” sitcom. The mindblowing part? Even with that, Warner Bros stands to make $1 Billion profit on the show.

– Having premiered last night online and on Disney XD, here’s a look at seven minutes from the forthcoming Star Wars Rebels.



The 2007 classic BioShock will be coming to iOS later this Summer. Available only for the most recent iDevices, it’s somewhat remarkable to see an Xbox 360 game running on people’s phones.


The collector’s edition of WWE 2K15 is ALL ABOUT the Hulkamaniacs, giving you an exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl, box, and downloadable version of the legendary Hulk Hogan.


– Celebrating the (almost!) 20th Anniversary of the game, Capcom has announced plans for an HD remake of the original Resident Evil. I’m hoping for non tank-like controls this time.


– Speaking of gaming resurrections – SNK Playmore has confirmed that a new, 3D King of Fighters game is currently in development.



– Adding to their lineup which includes Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist empire, Legendary has announced plans to purchase Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry online network.



– The official LEGO Simpsons house release is pretty great, but how amazing would a full LEGO Springfield be? LEGO Builder Pepa Quin lets us dream, with their ASTOUNDING build of the full city.


Behold! The most ADORABLE Solid Snake figure of ALL TIME! I never thought Metal Gear Solid could come off so cuddly.



It’s Sugar is teaming with Saturday Night Live to create a series of candies and novelty items celebrating the show’s 40th Anniversary, including (naturally) some Schweddy Balls.

Be back tomorrow with another roundup of the only news worth knowing. Have a great Tuesday!